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Stress Cards

StressorsStress-causing factors
My name is Aiden Traynor-Grimes These are my stress cards
School -Work load -Grades -Graduation -College -Extra-curricular activities
Homelife -Chores -Sibling behaviors -Parents -Grandparents
Peers -Negative Peer-Pressure -Not being include -Bullying -Violent threats -Threat of school-shooting (especially in today's generation)
Results of teen stress -Depression -Anxiety -Drug/Alcohol abuse -Dropping-out -Ditching -Self-Harm -Suicide
How to deal with stress "Get control of stress, before it controls you!" -Good eating habits -Exercise -Good sleep -Making time for leisurely activities -Meditation -Breathing techniques -Praying -Talk to friends or family -Therapy -Good hobbies
Not-Very-Fun Facts -Almost 92% of students have been targeted by bullies -Only 1/3 students that have been bullied report it -193 school-shootings have occurred since 1999 -Nearly 189,000 have been affected by school-shootings since 1999
Citations -“StopBullying.gov.” StopBullying.gov, Department of Health and Human Services, www.stopbullying.gov/. -“Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis.” The Washington Post, WP Company, www.washingtonpost.com/.