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(CK) Outsiders V 3-4

(CK) Outsiders Chapters 3-4 Vocabulary

DefinitionVocabulary WordSentence
confusing and perplexing bewildering Glory, I thought with a _____ feeling of being rushed and things happening too quickly.
done in a sorrowful, unhappy way ruefully He rubbed his cracked ribs _____.
to be experienced in worldly ways; cool sophisticated Cherry said, "We're _____ -- cool to the point of not feeling anything."
to do something in a brave and heroic way gallantly Two-Bit _____ offered to walk Cherry and Marcia home.
to be amazed, shocked, horrified to the point of being unable to speak dumbfounded Two-Bit was so surprised by what I said that he was _____.
to do something carefully and cautiously gingerly I knew the yard was full of stickers, so I walked very _____ since I was barefoot.
to be very worried, anxious, concerned, uneasy about something apprehensive The fact that Dally was pretty drunk worried me and made me _____ about what he might do.
to do something in a way that shows very strong feelings and emotion passionately "It just ain't fair!" I cried _____, "that we have all the rough breaks."
in a way that shows you are finally accepting of the situation resignedly "Oh, well," Cherry said ____. "The guys have seen us and there's nothing we can do about it now."
drew back suddenly winced Johnny's eyes went round and he _____ as though I had belted him.
Created by: lindajune