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Exam 3

Question 1. Advertising One of the four ps of marketing. Use promotional techniques to communicate with people in their target markets about goods and services and to persuade them.
Question 2. Promotional Campaign Integrated Marketing Communication- marketing can create a positive brand image, meet the needs of the consumer, and meet the strategic marketing and promotional goals of the firm.
Question 3. Non Personal communication and advertising is paid, non personal communication through various media by organizations and individuals who are in some way identified in the message.
Question 4. Promotional efforts Global Advertising - requires marketers to develope a single product and promotional strategy it can implement worldwide. Same everywhere - some countries have specific promotions
Question 5. Global Population Global Advertising can be tricky and critical. must do research on that country.
Question 6. Financial statements Accounting- most reccording, classifying, summurizing, and interpreting of financial events and transactions in an organization to provide management and other interested parties.
Question 7. Managerial Account Managment accounting provides information and analysis to managers inside the organization to assist them in decsicion making.
Question 8. Financial Statement 2 Financial accounting- financial and analysis it generates are for people primiraly outside the organization.
Question 9. Reviewing and evaluating account records Audit- Review and evaluate the info used to prepare a company's financial statements. private and public accountant.
Question 10. Financial Statements Bookkeepers- records all transactions in two places to compare lists. double entry bookkeeping.
Question 11. Financial Managers and Accountants the job of managing a firm's resources to meet its goals and objectives.
Question 12. Under Capitalization 3 most common reasons a firm fail- 1. Under capitalization 2. Poor control over cash flows 3. inadequate expense control.
Question 13. Financial managers responsible for paying the company's bills at the appropriate time and for collecting over due payments to make sure the company does not lose too much money to bad debts.
Question 14. Financial Planning Analyzing short term and long term money flows to and from the firm. optimizing the firms profitability and make the best use of its money.
Question 15. Cash Flows forecasting is an important part of any firms financial plan. Short term forecast predicts revenues, costs, and expenses for a period of one year or less cash flow forecast
Question 16. U.S Dollar Falling dollar rising dollar what makes the dollar weak or strong.
Question 17. Strength of the U.S dollar Why does it need to be controlled? Allows us to manage somewhat the prices of goods and services.
Question 18. Monitory policy The feds buys and sells currencies regulates various types of credit supervises banks, and collect data on the money supply and other economic activity.
Question 19. U.S Government Security Open market operations consist o the buying and selling of government bonds.
Question 20. The rate of inflation Theoretically with the proper monetary policy in place to control the money supply one can keep the economy going without causing inflation.
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