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bus 205 final

bus 205 final (general info & procurement)

what is a sales organization responsible for? negotiating sales conditions and distributing goods and services
what does the sales organization represent? the top organizational level to which you sum sales figures
how many codes do sales organizations get? one
how many sales organizations can be assigned to a company code? more than one
what are divisions used for? presenting products
do divisions restrict access to material? yes, so care should be exercised in defining divisions
how do sales materials reach the customer? distribution channels
allow for different conditions such as minimum order quantities and pricing distribution channels
combination of sales organization, distribution channel, and division sales area
what are customer master data and sales documents linked to? sales area
a fixed location that carries out shipping activities (loading dock, mail room, or shipping department) shipping point
what are lead times for determining delivery dates associated with? shipping points
two data types? configuration and transaction data
what does configuration consist of? setting to define the business, master data, and data that is relatively stable
what does transaction data consist of? Temporary data, customer orders, production orders, and payments
what must be created for every vendor/ master records
what must master records contain? centralized data for both MM and FI
what is an advantage of SAP? it maintains one set of data in real time
in SAP , data is either consistently... correct or incorrect
what is material data organized by views
5 steps to purchasing process 1. create purchase requisition 2. create purchase order from requisitions 3.create good receipt 4.create invoice receipt 5. post outgoing payment
what happens when you create a purchase requisition? analysis and vendor selection
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