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Living Arrangments


Community Based Services local council on seniors, case management agencies, homecare services, geriatric care management. homecare services, geriatric care managers.
Transportation options mandated to provide accessible options for persons with functional limitations
Volunteer drivers done through local senior centers, villages
Eldercare Locator can look at what volunteer driving services are
CART local counsel on aging, a van around NYC that takes seniors to appoitments
Taxi coupons offered in suburbs, coupons
Independent transportation network age 60^ 24/7 service, door to door.
Transportation social security well elders who drive other seniors, bank those hours
Car Trade give up your car and trade in for a large service
Commercial transit accessbility accesible restrooms, asile chair, you have priority for your mobility device, assistance getting on and off provided
NORC naturally occurring retirement community
Single Room Occupancy for people with dual diagnosis o mental helatha nd substance abuse -seniors with low income
Home Sharing older adults rent out their homes to other seniors, roommate may help with shopping, companion
Section 202 people pay 30% of their income for rent, have communal meals
Assisted Living a combination of housing, personalized supportive services, and healthcare. people need to be mobile, cant wander- need help with ADL.IADLS
Adult Day Health Program health rehabilitation on site full time OT/PT/Nursing - include transportation, meals, recreation.
Nursing Home Short term rehabilitation (sub acute) and long term care.
Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program get some support to manage a budget. idea that a consumer of LTC can recruit, hire your own providers, can also be a designated Representative
Program of All-inclusive care for the Elderly (PACE) for nursing home eligible, kept at home going to this day program. manage all of your care.
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