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bus 205 final

bus 205 final (sales order & production planning)

what are the two categories of presale activities? Sales Support & Presales Documents
allows for tracking of customer contacts by including sales visits, phone calls, letters, and direct mailings sales support
presales contacts: inquiries and quotes
these documents customers request for information inquiries
binding documents to a customer offering a specific quantity of material at a specific price if accepted within a specific period quotes
what do customer service reps put on a customer's document after the order? name; material ordered, pricing, schedule, delivery info, billing info
what does inventory sourcing determine? if a product is available, how it will be supplied
what are different ways a product can be supplied? stock to hand, purchase orders , make to order, from an external supplier
inventory sourcing occurs when? an order is created or changed, or the delivery document is created
what are some delivery activities? creating delivery documents, transfer orders, packing info
how is a billing document created? by copying information from the sales order and delivery document
what does creating a billing document automatically do? debit the customer's accounts receivable account & credit revenue account
what does final payment include? posting payment invoices & reconciling differences (if necessary)
what does a material type define? it defines attributes like valuation and procurement
controls screen sequence and number assignment material types
what are the 3 different material types? raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products
externally purchased only, no sales view (oats, honey) raw material
no purchase or sales view (dough for energy bars) semi-finished material
produced internally, has sales views,no purchasing view (energy bar) finished product
another name for master data in materials? bill of material
represented as single level relationships between a material and its components and sub-assemblies bill of material
define the relationship between a material and the sequence of work centers that are required to produce the material routings
some functions of production orders status management, scheduling, calculations, collection of costs, availability checks,
one tool that can be used to manage released production orders status management
a status can... allow, allow with warning, or block a business transaction
two status types available are? system status & user status
difference between planned orders and production orders planned=planning; production=execution
data that does not change frequently master data
where does master data for the production order come from? material master, bill of materials, work center, routing, and production resources
what criteria is used to determine which routings will be selected for a product? raw material used, lot size, production features
what does validity for BOM depend on? date, customer, and serial number
Created by: devenmccormick