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Flavin PHB102 2018

Flavin PHBII 2018 Intro to phlebotomy

The tourniquet stays on for ______ amt. of time. 1 minute
A CBC checks for: RBC & WBC count
Plasma is obtained off which main tube? Purple top
SST will give you what as a sample for testing? Serum
The skin should be prepped with ___ prior to phlebotomy. 70% alcohol
The alcohol pad should be used in a _____ motion. Up and down
You should ____ before and after each patient. wash your hands
A CBC is used to r/o or dx ______ Infection
After drawing blood you should ___ the tubes to allow the blood to mix with the ingredient in the tube. Invert
What does AC stand for? Anticubital space
If you have a blood culture and a lavender tube to draw which do you draw first? Blood Culture tubes (bottles)
What is the name of the machine that spins the blood down? Centrifuge
The ingredient in the purple top tube is____. EDTA
The SST tube has what ingredient in it? Clot activator
The plain red top tube is used for _____ levels. Medication
Sometimes a venipuncture is difficult and can damage the cells. This is called_____. Hemolysis
The alcohol should be _____ prior to inserting the needle. Dry
The bevel should always face ___. Up
The middle vein is called_____. Median
The vein closest to the body is called ___. Basalic
A bruise is aka ____. hematoma
You should label your tubes _____ the patient. in front
Palpate means to ______. Feel
A vein will typically feel____. bouncy
The pt getting their sugar or lipids checked should_____. fast
NPO nothing per oral
Lipid means: fats
You should always _____ everything you do with the pt. document
3 things you should do and or have pt do to give you the best chance at getting blood. Tight tourniquet, straight arm, and tight fist.
It is better to label your blood tube ____ the blood draw. after
Created by: Iteach4Docs