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When does the ADA act of 1990 say? The ADA is civil rights legislation that focuses on the ability of people with disabilities to function in our society without discrimination
ADAAG Local and state building codes must also be followed. follow which ever is more strict
Who has to follow? any public facility. Not religious facilities. anything built after 1990
A store built in 1970, is remodeling. a portion of budget needs to going to making it compliant
For every ____ spots ____ handicap Every 25 spots- 1 van accessible spots.
What do accessible spots need? Must be on the shortest accessible route to accessible entrance. (ramp near by), clear signage
Ratio of rise to run? 1/12 For every 1 inch of rise there is 12inch of run
What is the most amount of slop for a ramp? 5*
What is the width of pathways? 36 inches wide
If a path is less than 60in and more than 200in long there has to be . . . a spot at which it is at least 60in wide- so that two wheelchair users can pass eachother
What is the max height something can be for forward reach 48in- including emergency bells, doorbells, hangers.... this occurs when there is only room to go in a forward place
What is the max height for something to be reached at side reach 54in- you are able to reach much higher because your legs are not in the way
Does a home have to follow ADA requirements? No, but it is a good place to start-- you need to make it fit your client.
How much pressure does ADA allow to be exerted on an interior door? 5 psi, ecterior no actual about because of air pressure and such but it is about 10psi
What can you use to measure? fish scale/luggae scale, easy measure, iangle finder, light meter
What is the width of doors need to be for ADA? 32in
When do you need a ramp? when it is a 1/2 or more.
What can you do when a doorway is too narrow? offset hinges, remove doorstop, change direction of swing. Transfer before entering the bathroo, remove wheels,
How can you make wheelchairs narrower? change to smaller space between wheel and push rim, remove one or both rims, remove or decrease camber.
What is the ADA toilet height? 17-19in
What is the ADA sink height? 34in
Created by: crystalfmulligan
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