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EIS Questions

320eng start 4c-2min-20sec-15min No starter below 20% N2
321eng start 3c-2min-15sec-30min No starter till N2 below 10% on gnd, and 18% in flight
nformation from ADR displayed on PFD: - barometric alt, - speed, - mach number.
Normal source Vert Speed ADIRS, if no inertial data, changes to ADRs.
Alt alert warning inhibited: - slats out and gear down; - on app after g/s*; - when gear down.
what does FAC provide: - flight envelope computation; - maneuvering speed comp(s speed, f speed); - windshear detect; - angle of attack prot; - coordinated flight without the use of rudders; - airspeed protect computations; - yaw damping
Red AUTO LAND at or below 200ft if: - Loss of both AP - Excessive ILS beam deviation - Loss of ILS signal
AP disengaged by force cavalry charge warning
F/Ds off a/thr in speed mode only
a/thr auto engage if in flight Alpha Floor Protect is engaged.
What will cause A/THR to disconnect: - moving thr levers to idle - Selection of A/THR instinctive cut out button - Selection of A/THR FCU panel p/b - Loss of arming signal
if you press instinctive disconnect p/b for 15sec a/thr will be lost till end of flight and also alpha floor protect lost
THR LK on fma thr lk function is active, prevent thr variations when a/thr fail and disengages
If A/THR p/b pushed on fcu when it is active THR LK func will activate.
Blue A-LOCK on E/WD function is active preventing slats from retract at low airspeed and/or high angle of attack
TO CONFIG push button generates simulated input of takeoff power to check: - Slats/Flaps in takeoff position - Pitch trim in takeoff position - Speed brakes retracted - Sidestick fault - Hot brakes - Doors not closed
What TO CONFIG does not check: - Parking brake ON - Flex temp not set
-White diagonal line on the screen Display Management Computer (DMC) failure
LDG INHIBIT most of the failure titles and checkilst are suppressed to prevent distractions during landing
Created by: Scorpo
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