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Server Admin

Server Admin Final Questions Windows Server 2016

What are the different data types that are available for use in formatting a print file? Raw - used for files sent from legacy OSs and in the default for PostScript printers. TEXT - used for printing text files formatted to the ANSI standard; also prints from old Windows OSs, and word processor or MS-DOS text editors
What steps should you take to solve server and network problems? 1.Identify the problem and collect any pertinent info. 2.Establish a theory 3.Test theory to determine cause, reformulate or escalate. 4.Develop and implement a plan 5.Test for system functionality and preventative measures 6. Document
What is a thin client? A device used to connect to a host that performs all or most of the processing; client provides GUI and network connection, used to save money and reduce training.
What is an answer file and how is it created? An XML document that is created with the Windows System Image Manager (SIM); part of the Windows ADK, and is used in an unattended installation to allow admins to deploy/image machines without having to interactively respond.
What are the print share permissions? Print, Manage Documents, Manage this printer, Advanced
List some guidelines to keep in mind when planning your active directory structure? Keep AD simple and plan before implement, Implement least number of domains possible, implement only one domain in small networks, Use OUs to reflect organizations structure, create only the absolute necessary amount of OUs, no > 10,
What are the different kinds of physical disks that can be utilized in a storage pool? Serial Advanced Tech Attachment(SATA), SSD, Non-Volative Memory Express(NVMe),USB, Small Computer Sys Int.(SCSI), Internet SCSI(iSCSI),Serial Attached SCSI(SAS)
List differences between full, incremental, and custom backups? Full-entire system, all sys files, programs, and data files Incremental-backs up new or updated files only Custom-allows admins to configure a file-by-file backup on specific folders, drives, subfolders, OS data
What is a virtual directory? It is a redirection to a URL that points to a folder on an IIS server so that it can be accessed over the internet, intranet, or VPN
List three basic raid levels and how they differ? Raid0-Striping with no other redundancy,extends disk life improves performance Raid1-uses mirroring to provide a duplicate of OS files Raid5-consists of block-level striping with distributed parity
What are the Windows Server 2016 default password requirements? >=7 Chars, not contain account or users name, min three of: numbers, uppers, lowers, chars
What is the difference between a simple volume and a spanned volume? A simple vol. is a dynamic disk set up on a portion of a disk or entire disk where a spanned vol. is a dynamic disk stored on 2 to 32 disks and treated as a single vol., and is filled sequentially
What is an Organizational Unit and how does it assist management by administrators? An OU is a grouping object within a domain, they help to achieve more flexibility when managing resources than possible through domain admin alone,
What purpose does a subnet mask serve? Show the class of addressing and seperate a network into subnetworks
What are the basic folder sharing permissions and what do they do? -FullControl-Read add, delete, execute, modify files, change perm + attri, take ownership Modify-Read, add, delete, execute, mod files, can't delete subs and contents, change perm, or take own
Folder sharing continued Read and Ex-Traverse folders, read and executes fi, view attr perms List folder cons-view folder and subs and their attrs and prems, execute fis, but can't view contents Read-view file cons, fold attr and perms, can't traverse fold or execute fi
Folder sharing cont. Write-Create files, write to files, append to files, create folders, delete files, mod fold and fil attr Advanced-can set individual read, write and execute perms in more depth
What is the System File Checker utility and how does it work? Utility that scans sys files for integrity. Allows users to scan for corrupt files
What is virtual memory used for? It is disk storage used to expand the capacity of physical RAM installed in computer, programs running when RAM is exceeded will treat this storage like normal RAM
What is clustering and what advantage does it provide? Clustering is linking two or more discrete computer systems so they appear to function as though they are one, they provide the advantage of making the server more powerful, and providing failover capabilities, and makes more disk available for users.
What are the advantages of disk quotas? Prevent filling of disk capacity, encourage users to manage disk space, track needs on per-user basis for future planning, provide admins with stats on disk levels,
Describe how you would publish a shared folder and add to active directory. Create folder and assign the proper permission and sharing rights Go to Active Directory Users and Computers and right click on the OU where I want to publish , select New>Shared Folder Enter path to the folder I created and select OK to publish.
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