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key terms#1

Vocab on 61-63

a business machine that can make duplicates from an original copier
business machine that is attached to a phone line that transmits hard copy written messages; short for facsimile fax machine
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which specifies federal regulations ensuring privacy of a patient's healthcare information HIPAA
collection of actions performed by human beings who have been influenced by a person's culture, attitudes, emotions, values, ethics, and authority human behavior
part of a letter that contains the name and address of the person sending the letter letterhead
way of advertising or recruiting people to a business marketing
type of communication in which body language is used as a form of expression nonverbal communication
part of the letter that contains the introductory greeting salutation
process through which society influences individuals socialization
type of communication in which words are used as a form of expression verbal communication
computer program designed to create most types of business documents word processing software
files of patients who have been seen within the past 2 or 3 years active files
time reserved on the schedule for emergency patients buffer time
list of patients who can come in for an appointment on short notice call list
filing system that divides materials into months and even days chronologic file
file in which each item is listed in alphabetic order by name and its document number is provided cross-reference file
printed schedule that is copied and placed throughout the office for viewing by staff only daily schedule
waiting period between patient procedures downtime
insert placed between files that displays the letters or numbers of the patient records that follow it file guides
act of classifying and arranging records to be easily retrieved when needed filing
files of patients who have not been seen over the past 3 years inactive files
time estimate that allows for delays in ordering or shipping of materials lead time
financial statement that documents all account transactions ledger
device used for a filing system; similar to a bookmark outguide
individual who has been examined and diagnosed by the dentist and for whom treatment has been planned patient of record
form that authorizes the purchase of products from a supplier purchase order
quantity of a product that is used within a given time rate of use
notation system that is used when the supply of a particular item is getting low and the item must be reordered reorder tags
formal request for supplies requisition
how long a product may be stored before it is used shelf life
time increments used in planning appointments units of time
list of those supplies to be ordered and questions to be asked of the representative want list
written statement that explains the manufacturer's responsibility for replacing and repairing a particular product warranty
system designed to maintain the financial records of a business accounting
expenses and disbursements paid out from a business accounts payable
method of tracking the accuracy and completeness of bookkeeping records audit trail
form of insurance that reimburses an employer for loss resulting from theft by an employee bonding
process of managing the financial accounts of a business bookkeeping
insurance company that pays the claims and collects premiums carrier
fixed amount of cash change fund
draft or an order drawn on a bank account for payment of a specified amount of money check
record of all checks issued on and deposits made to a specific account check register
coordinating insurance coverage between two insurance carriers coordination of benefits (COB)
publication that lists the procedure codes assigned to dental services for the processing of dental insurance Current Dental Terminology (CDT)
fee that is within the range of the usual fee charged for the service customary fee
itemized memorandum of funds to be deposited into the bank deposit slip
payments on any outstanding accounts payable disbursements
overhead costs of a business that must be paid to keep operating expenses
business expenses that are ongoing fixed overhead
total of all professional income received gross income
itemized list of goods that specifies the prices and terms of sale invoice
financial statement that maintains all account transactions ledger
gross income minus expenses net income
itemized listing of shipped goods packing slip
person named on the check as the recipient of the amount shown payee
manual bookkeeping system pegboard system
limited amount of cash that is kept on hand for small daily expenses petty cash
describes the documentation of money transactions within a business posted
dentist who provides treatment to the patient provider
fee that is considered justified for an extensive or complex treatment reasonable fee
person who has agreed to pay for services or for an account responsible party
summary of all charges, payments, credits, and debits for the month statement
any charge, payment, or adjustment made to a financial account transaction
fee that the dentist charges for a specific service usual fee
business expenses that change depending on the types of services needed variable overhead
written indication of any balance due on an account, given to a patient as he or she leaves the practice at the end of an appointment walkout statement
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