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Game Star Mechanic

Game Star Mechanic Element Cards

Avatar The virtual 'you' in the game
Enemy The virtual 'bad guy' in the game
Boss A large, strong, 'bad guy' that difficult to kill
Environment block A surface or a wall
Damage Block A harmful surface or wall; hurts Avatars
Goal Block Touch this block to WIN
Point Collect these small circles for points
Key A key that opens locks of the same color
Lock A lock that can only be opened by keys of the same color
Timer Counts seconds during game play
Frag Counter Counts the number of destroyed enemies
Score Keeper Counts the number of points collected
Health Meter Controls Avatar health; Game lost when this reaches zero
Jumping Avatars can jump onto blocks and over enemies
Blasting Avatars can blast enemies
Avoiding Avatars can hide to avoid enemies
Collecting Avatars collect points or other items
Exploring Avatars explore the environment
Walking Avatar's slower speed
Racing Avatar's fast speed
Solving Players must solve puzzles; correct path, correct key, etc.
Top-Down Perspective Overhead view; Player sees the game from above
Platform Perspective View game from the side; Players see sprites jumping
Bounded Space Game space is closed on the sides; sprites can't leave or fall off the screen
Unbounded Space Game space is open so that sprites can leave or fall out of the screen
Wraparound Space Game space wraps around; sprites exit one side and appear on the opposite side
Scrolling Space Multiple screens allow a sprite to move horizontally and vertically through the environment
Created by: bphelan