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Security+ (401)

study questions

Order the steps of a Vulnerability Assessment a. Threat b. Risk Mitigation c. Mitigation d. Vulnerability Appraisal e. Asset Identification 1. Asset Identification 2. Threat Evaluation 3. Vulnerability Appraisal 4. Risk Assessment 5. Risk Mitigation
Which of the following can be described as the main goals of network security? (Choose 3) a. Integrity b. Confidentiality c. Availability d. Open Access e. Profitability f. Wireless user access g. Digital certificates h. a DOS attack i. Firewalls A. Integrity B. Confidentiality C. Availability
Your plant manager is complaining about losing network connectivity in the utility closet. Among other things, this is where the building's UPS and backup generators are located. What should you do? Declare the utility closet a dead spot in the network.
When discussing network security, the word "security" means protection against malicious attacks by both insiders and outsiders. True
You are configuring a new firewall for use in your office. Which port would you block to prevent NetBIOS attacks? port 139
In addition to passwords, which of the following can be used to authenticate the user? (Select all that apply) Smart cards, and PINs
Speaking in general terms, it is safe to say that the greater the value or sensitivity of the secured material, the greater the level of identification that should be necessary to access it. True
You have the network locked down and are allowing only access to specific services. Which port would you allow on your firewall to support DNS as its default setting? 53
Your written password list should always be kept in which location? Locked in a drawer
Your password list should be written in bold and easy to read to eliminate guesswork. True
Kerberos gives system administrator formidable defense against DoS attacks. False
During their communication sessions using Mutual Authentication, both parites verify each others identities. Which of the following would find this particularly useful? Banking industry
An asymmetric cipher uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt a message. False --- (symmetric cipher)
When using Biometric authentication, it is possible for an unauthorized person to e granted access to the system. What is this condition called? False Positive
What is a program or device that intercepts and reads each network packet called? Sniffer
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