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CA Board herbs

Single herb exam list

Ai Ye (Mugwort, Artemesia) Stop Bleeding
Ba Ji Tian (morinda Root) Tonify Yang
Bai Bu (Stemona Root) Stop Cough and Wheeze
Bai Dou Kou (Cardamon) Aromatic transform Damp
Bai Guo (ginko) Astringent
Bai He (lily bulb) Tonify Yin
Bai Hua She Dispel Wind Damp
Bai Ji Li (puncturn-vine fruit) Extinguish Liver Wind
Bai Ji (bletilla rhizone) Stop bleeding
Bai Jiang Cao Clear Toxic heat
Bai Jie Zi (White mustard Seed) Dissolve Cold Phlegm
Bai Mao Gen Stop bleeding
Bai Qian Dissolve Cold Phlegm
Bai Shao (White Peony Root) Tonify Blood
Bai Wei (Swallowroot root) Clear Summer Heat
Bai Zhi (angelica root) Disperse Wind Heat
Bai Zhu (atractylodes) Qi Tonic
Bai Zi Ren (arbovite seed) Nourish and Calm Shen
Ban Lan Gen (woad root) Clear Toxic Heat
Ban Xia (pinella rhizome) Dissolve Cold Phlegm
Bi Ba (long pepper fruit) Warm Interior
Bi Xie Drain Damp
Bie Jia Tonify yin
Bing Lang Expel Parasites
Bo he Disperse Wind Heat
Bu Gu Zhi Tonify Yang
Cang Er Zi Disperse Wind Cold
Cang Zhu Aromatics for damp
Cao Dou Kou Aromatic for damp
Cao Guo Aromatic for damp
Cao Wu Warm Interior
Ce Bai Ye Stop Bleeding
Chai Hu Disperse Wind heat
Chan Tui Disperse Wind heat
Che Qian Zi Drain Damp
Chen Pi Regulate Qi
Chen Xiang Regulate Qi
Chi Shao Activate Blood
Chi Shi Zhi Dissolve Hot Phlegm
Chuan Bei Mu Dissolve Hot Phlegm
Chuan lian Zi Regulate Qi
Chuan Nui Xi Activate Blood
Chuan Shan Jia Obselete Substance
Chuan Wu Warm Interior
Chuan Xiong Regulate Qi
Chun Pi Astringent
Ci Shi Anchor the Shen
Da Fu Pi Regulate Qi
Da Huang Purgative
Da Ji Purgative
Da Zao Qi tonic
Dai Zhe Shi Extinguish liver wind
Dan Dou Chi Disperse Wind heat
Dan Shen Activate Blood
Dan Zhu Ye Clear and Purge Heat
Dang Gui Tonify Blood
Dang Shen Qi Tonic
Deng Xin Cao Drain Damp
Di Fu Zi Drain Damp
Di Gu Pi Clear Summer Heat
Di Long Extinguigh liver wind
Di Yu Stop Bleeding
Ding Xiang Warm Interior
Dong Gua Ren Drain Damp
Dong Kui Zi Drain Damp
Du Huo Dispel Wind Damp
Du Zhong Yang Tonic
E jiao Blood Tonic
E Zhu Activate Blood
Fang Feng Disperse Wind Cold
Feng Mi Qi Tonic
Fu Ling Drain Damp
Fu Pen Zi Astringent
Fu Xiao Mai Food Stagnation
*Fu Zi Warm Interior
Gan Cao Qi tonic
Gan Jiang Warm Inertior
Gao Ben Disperse Wind Cold
Gao Liang Jiang Warm Interior
Ge Gen Disperse Wind Cold
Gou Ji Yang Tonic
Gou Qi Zi Qi Tonic
Gou Teng Extinguish Liver wind
Gu Sui Bu Tonify Yang
Gu Ya Digestive
Gua Lou Pi Dissolve hot Phlegm
Gua Lou Ren Dissolve hot Phlegm
Gui Ban Tonify yin
Gui Zhi Disperse Wind Cold
Hai piao Xiao Astingent
Hai Tong Pi Dispel Wind Damp
Hai Zao Dissolve Hot Phlegm
He ye Clear heat Toxin
He Zi Astingent
Hai Zhi Ma Tonify Yin
Hong Hua Activate Blood
Hou Po Aromatic for Damp
Hu Jiao Warm Interior
Hu tao Ren Yang Tonic
Hua Shi Drain Damp
Huai Hua Mi Stop Bleeding
Huai Niu Xi Activate Blood
Huang Bai Clear Damp heat
Huang Lian Clear Damp heat
Huang Qin Clear Damp heat
Huang Qi Qi tonic
Huo Xiang Aromatic for Damp
Ji Nei Jin Digestive
Jie Geng Dissolve Cold Phlegm
Jin Yin Hua Clear Toxic Heat
Jing Jie Disperse Wind Cold
Ju Hong Regulate Qi
Ju Hua Disperse Wind heat
Jue Ming Zi Clear and Purge Heat
Ku Shen Clear Damp heat
Kuan Dong Hua Stop Cough and wheeze
Lai Fu Zi Digestive
Lian Qiao Clear Toxic Heat
Lian Zi Astingent
Long Dan Cao Clear toxic Heat
Long Gu Anchor Shen
Long Yan Rou Blood Tonic
Lu Gen Clear and Purge Heat
Lu Hui Purgative
Lu Rong Yang tonic
Ma Dou Ling Obselete Substance
Ma Huang Disperse Wind Cold
Mai Men Dong Yin Tonic
Mai Ya Digestive
Ma Jing Zi Disperse Wind heaT
Mang Xiao Purgative
Mo Yao Activate Blood
Mu Dan Pi Clear Blood Heat
Mu Gua Dispel Wind Damp
Mu Li Anchor Shen
Mu Tong Drain Damp
Mu Xiang Regulate Qi
Mu Zei Disperse Wind heat
Niu Bang Zi Disperse Wind heat
Niu Huang Open Orifice
Nu Zhen Zi Yin Tonic
Pi Pa Ye Stop Cough and Wheeze
Pu Gong ying Toxic heat
Pu Huang Stop Bleeding
Qian Cao Stop Bleeding
Qian Hu Dissolve hot phlegm
Qian Shi Astringent
Qiang huo Disperse Wind Cold
Qin Jiao Dispel Wind Damp
Qing Hao Clear Summer Heat
Qing Pi Regulate Qi
Qu Mai Drain Damp
Ren Shen tonify Qi
Rou Dou Kou Astringent
Rou Cong Rong Yang Tonic
Rou Gui Warm Interior
Ru Xiang Activate Blood
San Leng Activate Blood
San Qi Stop bleeding
Sang Bai Pi Stop Cough and Wheeze
Sang Shen Blood tonics
Sang Ye Disperse Wind Heat
Sang Zhi Dispel Wind Damp
Sha Ren Aromatic for Damp
Sha Shen Yin Tonic
Shan Dou Gen Toxic Heat
Shan yao Qi Tonic
Shan Zha Digestive
Shan Zhu Yu Astringent
She Chuang Zi External Use
She Gan Clear toxic Heat
Shen Qu Digestive
Sheng Di Clear Blood Heat
Sheng Jiang Pi Drain Damp
Sheng Jiang Disperse Wind Cold
Sheng Ma Disperse Wind Heat
Shi Gao Clear And Purge Heat
Shi Hu Yin tonic
Shi Jue Ming Extinguish Liver Wind
Shi Wei Drian Damp
Shu Di Blood Tonic
Shui Niu Jiao Clear Blood Heat
Suan Zao Ren Nourish and Calm Spirit
Suo Yang Yang Tonic
Tao Ren Activate Blood
Tian Hua Fen Clear and Purge Heat
Tian Ma Extinguish Liver Wind
Tian Men Dong Yin Tonics
Tian nan Xing Dissolve Cold Phlegm
Tu Fu Ling Clear Toxic Heat
Tu Si Zi Yang Tonics
Wang Bu Liu Xin Activate Blood
Wei Ling Xian Dispel Wind Damp
Wu Jia Pi Dispel Wind Damp
Wu Mei Astringents
Wu Wei Zi Astringents
Wu Yao Regulate Qi
Whu Zhu Yu Warm Interior
Xi Xian Cao Dispel Wind Damp
Xi Xin Disperse Wind Cold
Xia Ku Cao Clear and Purge Heat
Xian He Cao Stop Bleeding
Xian Mao Yang Tonics
Xiang Fu Regulate Qi
Xiang Ru Disperse Wind Cold
Xiao Hui Xiang Warm Interior
Xin yi Hua Disperse Wind Cold
Xing Ren Stop Cough and Wheeze
Xu Duan Yang tonic
Xuan Fu Hua Dissolve Cold Phlegm
Xuan Shen Clear Blood Heat
Yan Hu Suo Activate Blood
Ye Jiao Tang Nourish and Calm Shen
Yi Mu cao Activate Blood
Yi Tang Qi Tonic
Yi Yi Ren Drain Damp
Yi Zhi Ren Yang tonic
Yin Chen Hao Drain Damp
Yin yang Huo Yang Tonic
Yu Jin Activate Blood
Yuan Zhi Nourish and Calm Spirit
Ze Lan Activate Blood
Ze Xie Drain Damp
Zhe Bei Mu Dissolve Hot Phlegm
Zhen Zhu Anchor Shen
Zhi Ke Regulate Qi
Zhi Mu Clear and Purge Heat
Zhi Shi Regulate Qi
Zhi Zi Clear and Purge Heat
Zhu Ling Drain Damp
Zhu Ru Dissolve Hot Phlegm
Zhu Sha Obsolete Substance
Zi Cao Clear blood Heat
Zi Su Ye Disperse Wind Cold
Zi Si Zi Stop Cough and Wheeze
Zi Wan Stop Cough and Wheeze
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