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file 12

french advanced

meugler, (=pousser des meuglement) to moo, cry (of cow, buffalo, bovine)
sursauter to jump over, startle, alarm, get a jump from fright
aperçus, ~, -t, -çûmes, -çûtes, -çurent conjugate simple past of apercevoir (to notice, realize, catch sight of)
ronronner, (=faire des ronrons) to roar, hum, purr, cat's cry of consent
orée, f border, edge, limit, end, (eg of a field, woods)
chétif, -tive, (chécreux) weak, powerless, fragile, underweight, sick, slim looking, feable, puny / etym. captif, captive ریزه اندام، ضعیف، کوچک، قد کوتاه
faire oui de la tête to consent (by lowering the head), (lit. to do yes with the head)
acquiescer [a.kje.se], vi, (:to acquiesce) (ad+quiet) to become quiet, accept quietly, approuve by being quiet, accept the proposition, agree, consent سکوت کردن، رضایت دادن
croc [cro], m, (=le crochet) pointed tooth (of wild animals, snake), hook like tooth: canine
crochet, m hook; hanger; square bracket, bracket / detour
griffe, f claw, pointed paw, bent nail of animals
venin, m venom, poison
leur courir après, (=courir après eux) to run after them
bégayer [-aiyé], (cet enfant ne fait que ~) to stammer, badly articulate the words, mumble / learn to talk, to baby talk
grogner to growl, make a cry, bark, snarl, wailing, meow, murmur (:murmurer) / complain, (se plaindre) غرغر کردن‌، خرناس‌ کشیدن‌، ناله کردن‌ سگ ‌یا گربه
fauve, m wildcat, wild and dangerous animal, predator / red yellowish colour, as of tiger, tan
révérence, f, (:reverence, veneration) profound respect, bow / Rev. religeous title of honour (your r~: your honor)
pacifique, (une ~ intention) peaceful, (a ~ intention)
avoir ouï-dire que to hearsay that, hear that بله گفتن که
j'ai ouï-dire que I've heard that
je voudrais t'en acheter, (~ de toi/vous) I'd like to buy 'it' for you, (~ from you)
Vends m'en vite! Sell 'it' to me quickly!
rizière, f rice field, paddy field
daigner, (:to deign) to have dignity, respect, give honor, consider worthy / lower oneself, condescend / consent, agree بزرگواری یا لطف کردن، منت گذاشتن
il daigne visiter ma maison he gives the honor to visit my house
plat de résistance, m main course, principal dish (after the hors-d'oeuvre), (cause it allows resistance to hunger till next meal)
avoir l'eau à la bouche to have a watery mouth
paysan [pai-ee-zan], m, (p aysanne, f) peasant, villager, farmer
copieux, (:copious) abundant, plentiful, plateful, profuse, a lot بسیار، فراوان، وافر، کُپه شده
flamber to set in flames, burn, inflame
braise, f red hot wood, burning charcoal, ember: glowing coal or wood / flameless hot ash
j'ai ramené [رَمُنِ] I've brought back, (vb: bring back, take back, carry back)
mis, ~, mit, mîmes, mîtes, mirent conjugate simple past of mettre
eus, ~, eut, eûmes, eûtes, eurent conjugate simple past of avoir
débattre, (dé: down, really, intensely) to debate, discuss, argue, talk over, dispute; quarrel, struggle / stir up, agitate
débatt -is, -is, -it, -îmes, -îtes, -irent conjugate simple past of débattre
débâtir to demolish, (a building or what one has built)
aplatir to flatten, become flat, squash
fourrure, f fur, fur skin
Allons, fais vite! Let's go, hurry up!
revint he returned, came back
être pris d'un accès de fou rire to be taken by an access of laughter, be overwhelmed by giggles
se débattre to struggle oneself, wrestle, make efforts to release oneself / to discuss or debate with each other
rayure, f stripe, line / scratch, score
lie, lies, lie, lions, liez, lient conjugate present of lier (to tie)
li -ais, ~, -ait, -ions, -iez, -aient conjugate imperfect of lier (to tie)
Voilà qui t'apprendra à ne pas rire des malheurs des autres! That's sth which will teach you not to laugh at the bad luck of others!
recéder, (:to recede) to cede again, yield again to a former possessor, grant, sell or give back to the original owner / to cede back, retreat, withdraw, surrender
chien errant, m stray dog
bidon, -onne (m, adj), (see bide: belly) flask, can, vase, vessel, bin, liquid container (oil, water, petrol, milk, etc) قمقمه / fake, unreal, artificial / etym. Arab بدن
bidonville, m slum, poor neighbourhood, fake city
profanation, f, (:profanation) desecration: act of impiety: disrespect, contempt, abuse, curse, degradation (towards sacred things), blasphemy: insult to religion, sacrilege
profane, m layman, common, non-initiated, vulgar (:vulgaire), offensive (:grossier)
incarcérer, (:incarcerate) to imprison, jail, enchain, arrest زندانى کردن، حبس کردن
sûr de soi sure of oneself; self-confident
gousse de vanille, f clove of vanilla, vanilla bean
gousse d'ail, f clove of garlic, grain, bean
rattraper to recapture, catch again, catch up; regain, overtake
à tout de suite see you soon, later
amer, m bitter, upset
héraldique, (:heraldry) study of family coats of arms, honorary signes, οικοσημολογία شناخت نشانهای اشرافی و نجابت خانوادگی
faire défaut to miss, lack (manquer), fail (:faillir), neglect / to mess up by failing, defect, to default: cause or make faulty, go wrong, weaken, malfunction / to be lacking, be missing
défaillir, (=faillir) to weaken, diminish, falter: stumble, be unsteady, loose force / miss (:manquer), fail (:faire défaut)
fasse, -s, fasse, fassions, fassiez, fassent conjugate subjunctive of faire
claquer to crack, break up, click, snap / to be exhausted / to die
militer, (:to militate) to give force, use military / to influence, aid / to fight
notaire, mf, (:notary, notary public) specialist authorized to certify documents and deed سردفتر اسناد رسمى
huissier, m porter, usher, (in charge of opening doors) / court officer, constable (us) / (huis, m: door, esp. in a palace)
Jacob Yaacov, Jacob, son of Isaac, father of the 12 tribes of Israel, also called Israel (:Israël) یعقوب - نبی قوم یهود
lettré, (m, adj) scholar, student; (adj) educated, scholarly, lettered, well-read
séculaire, (:secular) lay (:laïc), layman, ancient, non-religious, of the material world, profane
cueillir, (u after c, just like qu) to pick or detach (fruits, flowers, vegetable), tear off, gather / steal چیدن
chez soi, (also chez-moi, -soi, etc m.) at your home, into one's house
recueillir to gather, collect; obtain, take in / to harvest (:récolter), crop / to reflect, meditate, contemplate / (on ~ille de blé, de vin, de fruits)
recueillement, m gathering, obtaining / collection of one's thoughts, contemplation, deep thought, meditation تامل، تفکر، عبادت، حواس جمعی / (action de ramasser, se recueillir)
députation, (:deputation) act of appointing a representative, delegating, selection of a deputy وکالت، انتخاب نماینده
acclamation, (:same) cheer, cries of joy, welcoming call
médire, (dire du mal) to disfame, disrepute, criticize, find fault, say bad things
médisance, f saying bad things, accusation, defamation, falsification, misrepresentation
que / (ex. il ne s'aperçut ~ lorsqu'il entendit) untill تا این که / (eg. he didn't notice untill when he heard)
que utilisent des baguettes pensent qu'ils sont civilisés those who use chopsticks think that they are civilized
haleine, f breath, (respiration, wind) / (j'ai couru et je suis hors d'~)
se faire marcher, (tu me fais marcher?) to kid someone, to be putting s.o. on
se faire comprendre to make oneself understood
se faire entendre to make oneself heard
se faire coiffer to get one's hair done
se faire avorter to get/have an abortion
se faire à qn ou qc, (s'habituer) to get used to sb or sth
se faire qc, (=devenir qc) to become sth / (la chaleur se faisait de plus en plus grande)
se faire remarquer to get noticed, to attract attention
se faire du souci pour qn ou qc to worry (be concerned) about sb or sth
épingler, [اَن] to fasten with a pin, to pin on
se faire épingler to get arrested, nabbed: grabbed, be taken into custody, (lit. to get pinned)
se faire virer, (être viré) to get the sack
se faire la guerre to make war, get into a war
se faire repérer to get/be spotted, to get caught, apprehended (see below)
appréhander, (:to apprehend) vt: to catch, get hold of, take in / vi: to think, believe, understand, suppose / vi to fear, dread / (syn. prendre, saisir / saisir par l'esprit, comprendre)
disposition (of an object: action of disposing) arrangement, layout, setting / temper, mood, inclinatio ساخت، نقشه ساخت، حالت و نما / میل، تمایل
démouler to unmould, take out of the mould (us mold)
actionnaire, (mf) shareholder
actionner to activate, to actuate, (siren, mechanism)
braconnage, m poaching, illegal hunting of wildlife
délinquant, (~ sexuel), (:delinquent) criminal, wrongdoer, offender / (Etym. délit: crime)
pointeur, m pointer, a pointing object, mouse pointer, slider timekeeper, one who keeps time or distance or measures
énumération, (:enumeration) counting, (one by one), listing, itemization, give a detailed account / catalogue, list شمارش، حساب / فهرست، صورت ریز، لیست شمارش
rénumération, (:~), (a new enumeration) recounting, recalculation, count again
rémunération, (:remuneration) pay, payment, salary, wage / recompensation, repayment, (for loss or damage), sth given in exchange, reward
délinquer to commit a crime (:délit), commit an error, fault, to fail (:manquer) / (Etym. délit: crime)
bide, m belly, trunk / etym. arabe بدن, badan: tronc, torse, ventre
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