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KSS SM 2 VocabTest 2

SM 2 VocabTest 2

a-, an- absence or lack
ab- departing from; away from
ad- to or towards
bi- two
cardi-, cardio- heart
cerebro- brain (especially the cerebrum)
circum- around
co-, con- together
contra- against
crani- skull
de- undoing, reversal, loss, removal
di- twice, double
dia- through, between
epi- over, above
exo- outside, beyond
gastr- stomach
glosso- tongue
hemi- half
hepat- liver
hist- tissue
im- not
inter- between
intra- within, inside
iso- equal, same
macro- large
mal- bad, abnormal
micro- small
mono- single
multi- many
myelo- spinal cord, marrow
oculo- eye
odonto- tooth
ophthalmo- eye
ortho- straight or straight
osteo- bone
oto- ear
peri- around
semi- half
steno- narrow
sub- beneath, under
super- above, upon
sym-, syn- together, with
tachy- rapid
therm- heat
trans - across, through
tri- three
viscero- organ, viscera
-gen agent that initiates
-ia condition
-malacia soft
-oid like, resembling
-opia defect of the eye
-ory referring to, of
-pathy disease
-plasty reconstruction of a part, plastic surgery
-plegia paralysis
-rrhagia abnormal or excessive discharge
-scope instrument used for examination
-ty condition of, state
-uria urine
Abscess a localized collection of pus
Adhesions tissues abnormally bound or stuck together as a result of inflammation
Adipose fatty tissue
Amenorrhea absence or suppression of menstruation
Aphiarthroses slightly moveable joints having a pad of either hyaline or fibro cartilage located adjoining bony surfaces
Apnea temporary cessation of breathing
Anesthesia loss of feeling or sensation
Anoxia lack of oxygen
Anti-inflammatory drugs designed to prevent swelling and reduce inflammation
Antipyretic agent that relieves or reduces fever
Anuria absence of or defective excretion of urine
Apophysis bony outgrowth to which muscles attach
Arthroscopy viewing the inside of a joint through an arthroscope using a small video camera lens
Aspiration The drawing of a fluid or foreign matter in, out, up, or through by means of suction
Avascular lack of blood circulation
Axilla armpit
Brachial Plexus network of nerves arising from lower cervical spine nerves that generates the five peripheral nerves which innervate the upper extremity; Located below the clavicle and in the arm pit
Cauliflower Ears a descriptive term for an ear condition caused by bleeding (hematoma) that looks like the surface of a cauliflower; It occurs in wrestlers and boxers due to continued trauma to the lateral surface of the ear
Chondral pertaining to cartilage
Collagen the major protein of connective tissue
Comatose A state of coma or profound unconsciousness caused by disease or injury
Concentric the muscle shortens while contracting against resistance
Conduction heating through direct contact with a hot medium
Conjunctiva mucous membrane that lines the eyes
Debride removal of dirt and dead tissue from a wound
Dermatome segmental skin area innervated by various segments of the spinal cord
Diplopia double vision
Diathermy use of electrical current to increase circulation by heating
Dyspnea difficult or painful breathing
Eccentric the process of muscle contraction and stretch of the muscle-tendon unitby an extrinsic force(lengthening contraction)
Electrolyte solution that is a conductor of electricity
Embolus a mass of undissolved matter occluding a blood vessel
Emesis Vomiting
Emetic agent that induces vomiting
Enzyme an organic catalyst that can cause chemical changes in other substances without beingchanged itself
Epilepsy a chronic disorder characterized by sudden attacks of brain dysfunction, including altered consciousness
Epiphysis cartilaginous growth region of a bone
Epistaxis nosebleed
Erthema swelling and red discoloration of the skin
Etiology science dealing with causes of injury or disease
Exostosis bony out growths that protrude from the surface of a bone where there is not a typical bony formation
Exudate discharge matter such as fluid that accumulates in an area; production of pus or serum
Fascia fibrous membrane that covers, supports, and separate muscles
Fasciitis inflammation of the fascia
Febrile feverish
Fibrocartilage type of cartilage that contain visible collagenous fibers (menisci)
Flexibility the range of motion in a give joint or combination of joints
Fossa cavity or hollow
Fracture a break or crack in a bone
Furuncle A boil; A localized Inflammatory swelling of the skin and underlying tissue, caused by bacterial infection in the hair follicle or skin gland; Characterized by a discharge of pus and a central core of dead tissue
Galled Skin an area of irritated and raw skin caused by sweat and friction; Galled areas are inviting to bacteria and fungi
Ganglion herniation of the synovium surrounding a tendon and subsequent filling of the area with synovial fluid, resulting in a visible bump
Genu recurvatum angulation of leg is posterior, or backward, from midline of the body (hyperextension)
Genu valgum knock knee
Genu varum bowleg
Goniometer apparatus used to measure joint movements and angles
Glycogen storage form of glucose found in both liver and muscles
Hemarthrosis a condition in which blood has filtered from the vessels into a joint
Hemoglobin the red respiratory protein of erythrocytes that transports oxygen from the lungs to the tissues
Hemopoietic forming blood cells
Hemothorax bloody fluid in the pleural cavity
Hernia protrusion of a part of an organ or tissue through an abnormal opening
Histamine powerful Inflammatory chemical that causes an increase in vascular permeability as well as vasodilation
Hyperema unusual amount of blood in a body part
Hyperextension extreme stretching of a body part (beyond normal extension)
Hyperglycemia excessively high level of blood sugar
Hyperhidrosis excessive sweating
Hypermobility extreme mobility of a joint
Hypertension high blood pressure
Hyperthermia abnormally high body temperature
Hyperventilation abnormally deep breathing that is prolonged, causing a depletion of carbon dioxide, a fall in blood pressure, and fainting
Hyphemia bleeding in the anterior portion of the eye
Hypoxia lack of an adequate amount of oxygen
Idiopathic cause of a condition is unknown
Impetigo an acute contagious skin disease characterized by vesicles, pustules, and yellowish crusts
Innervation nerve stimulation of a muscle
Ipsilateral situated on the same side
Ischemia lack of blood flow
Kinesthesis sensation or feeling of movement; the awareness of body in space
Kyphosis exaggeration of the normal curve of the thoracic spine
Leukocytes white blood cells
Lordosis abnormal curvature of the lumbar vertebrae
Malaise discomfort and uneasiness caused by an illness
Malacia Softened state, as in chondromalacia of the patella
Microtrauma microscopic lesion or injury
Myalgia muscle pain
Myositis inflammation of muscle
Neuroma tumor consisting mostly of nerve cells and nerve fibers
Osteoarthritis chronic disease involving joints in which there is destruction of articular cartilage and bony overgrowth
Osteochondral refers to relationship of bone and cartilage
Osteomyelitis infection of a bone
Pallor paleness or absence of skin coloration
Palmar ventral aspect of the hand (palm)
Paraplegia paralysis of lower portion of the body and both legs
Paresis slight or incomplete paralysis
Paresthesia abnormal or unique sensation such as itching or prickling
Pathogenic disease producing
Pes cavus abnormally high arch of the foot
Pes planus flat foot
Phalanx any of the bones of the fingers and toes
Pleurisy inflammation of the lining of the thorax and lungs
Prophylaxis guarding against injury or disease
Proprioceptor one of several sensory receptors located in muscles, tendons, or joint capsules
Pruritus itching
Purulent consisting of or forming pus
Pyrexia fever; febrile condition
Quadriplegia paralysis affecting all four limbs
Residual the remaining amount
Rhinitis runny nose (common cold)
Rubor redness of the skin
Scoliosis lateral and/or rotary curvature of the spine
Seizure sudden onset of uncoordinated muscular activities and changes in consciousness lasting an unpredictable time
Symptom subjective evidence of an abnormal situation with the body
Synarthroses immovable joints
Syndrome group of typical symptoms or conditions that characterize a deficiency or disease
Synovial joint diarthrotic of freely moveable joint
Tinnitus ringing in the ears
Thrombus a blood clot that blocks small blood vessel or a cavity of the heart
Uremia Accumulation in the blood of constituents, which should have been eliminated in the urine
Vesicle Blister
Volar Pertaining to the palm or sole
Vertigo loss of balanceViscosity
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