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Flavin MCS106 FINAL

Flavin MCS106 2019 Final Review

Denial and isolation Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance Five Stages of Grief
The health belief model may help you understand why some people do not follow recommended guidelines to maintain their health and _____the development of disease. prevent (rather than treat)
During the _______, the patient denies the existence of the disease, may be unwilling to accept the reality of the situation, and refuses to discuss the health problem or remember health teaching interventions. denial and isolation
A vital part of patient education is encouraging patient _____of the learning process. ownership
The goal of the _____process is to create a teaching plan that meets the patient’s needs for understanding and managing his or her illness. assessment
When possible, all patient instruction should include a _____or online reference that reinforces information and that the patient can use as a resource. handout
A crucial aspect of successful patient teaching is to consistently ask for _____about the process. feedback
Providing adequate, correct, understandable information to patients is integral to the informed consent mandate in the ______. Patients’ Bill of Rights
Only the person or persons identified on the _____release form completed by the patient have the right to the patient’s personal information. HIPAA
Pediatric patients range in age from _____to puberty. newborn
Growth refers to measurable changes, such as height and weight. (which is called ____ because they are not true VS mensuration
The _____ is a standardized tool used to screen for developmental delays, to investigate concerns about an infant’s development, or to monitor high-risk children for potential problems. Denver II Developmental Screening Test
The _____proceeds by trial and error, experimenting with adult roles and behavior patterns. teenager
Children sometimes can have _____without having an infection, such as when diarrhea is caused by food allergies or by certain medications, such as antibiotics. diarrhea
If the medical assistant suspects that a child is a _____, neglect, or exploitation, he or she should consult with the pediatrician immediately. victim of abuse
_____each patient education intervention completely and accurately. Document
______should be written at a 6-8th grade level to promote general pt understanding Educational material
Old age is ____an illness but a normal life process that people experience in different ways. not
_____disease is the most frequent cause of illness and disability in the aging population, and congestive heart failure (CHF) is the most common reason for hospitalization. Cardiovascular
The aging process causes structural changes in the _____. heart
_____of the subcutaneous layer increases the skin’s susceptibility to trauma, so older patients bruise much more easily. Atrophy
Weight-bearing exercises and calcium and ______ supplements are recommended to prevent demineralization of the bones. vitamin D
Researchers believe that continued, moderate physical and _____ can maintain the cognitive abilities of aging individuals. mental activity
____ that occur frequently in older individuals are cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Eye diseases and disorders
_____older patients get more infections; their injuries take longer to heal; surgery is riskier for them; and their hospital stays are longer and more expensive. Malnourished
Palpate means: To feel or touch
A normal ____ for an adult 98.6 oral Temperature
BP Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is aka as: HTN Ex. 140/90
The last number you hear when taking a BP is: Diastolic
Respiration normal range 14-20
Always ask the pt what before you even touch them? To state & spell the full name, DOB & verify allergies.
_____ is a temperature taken from the ear. Tympanic
What instrument is used to view the ear? Otoscope
What position is the pt in for a PAP smear? Lithotomy
If the pt has s/s of SOB place them in the __ position. Fowlers or Semi-Fowlers
Exhalation is expelling ____________ Carbon Dioxide
Tachycardia is a pulse over ____. 100
____ is the pulse site used in infants. Brachial
____is used in obtaining a pulse. Radial
Normal pulse for Newborn is? 120-160
3 characteristics of a pulse are: Rate, rhythm, and volume
If the Dr. is concerned about the heart activity he may order what test? EKG
If the Dr. is concerned about the lungs he may order what test? PFT
If a person is not allergic to any meds you would indicate what? NKDA
Female patients should be asked when their ____ was. LMP
DOB means date of birth. What does DOS mean? Date of service
Before taking the pt back for their apt. you should look at their LOV to see what 2 findings? BP & wt
Post par tum depression touches ___ - ___ % of new moms. 10-20
The common cold is also referred to as: Rhinitis
bilateral ear infections are aka: BOM
Created by: Iteach4Docs