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Apps For Academics

Word Processing Allows you to type text.
Double Spacing Adds double spaces throughout your text.
Italicize Slants your text.
New Creates a new document.
Print/Print Preview Prints your page and allows you to preview what it will look like.
Clipboard Organizes all of your documents onto a page.
Font Color Changes the color of your font.
Superscript Adds small text above text line.
Bold Makes your text thicker.
Sort/Ascending and Descending Sorts your list in ascending and descending order.
Center Alignment Aligns your text in the center of your page.
Shading Shades your text or the box your text is in.
Find/Replace Finds text and replaces it with something else.
Cover Page Makes a page a cover page.
Online Pictures & Word Art Inserts pictures from the web and adds effects to your text.
Hyperlink Inserts a link from the web.
Text Box Inserts a box for you to put your text in.
Margins (default size) The line that texts ends.
Portrait Puts your page orientation into vertical (default).
Page Color Changes the color of the page.
Thesaurus Looks up synonyms for words.
Default (font and font size) Calibri 11.
Save/Save As Saves your document to your computer.
Cut/Copy/Paste Cuts/Copies text and pastes it somewhere else.
Open Opens a document.
Close Closes a document.
Font Allows you to change the way your text is written.
Change Case Changes the size of your text.
Subscript Adds small text below text line.
Bullets Makes a list of something.
Show/Hide Shows and hides any indent.
Justified Makes text reach left and right side of the margins equally.
Borders Adds a border around text.
Select Allows you to select text.
Blank Page Adds a blank page.
Shapes and SmartArt Inserts shapes and charts for text.
Headers/Footers Adds text at the very top or bottom of the document.
Page Orientation Changes the orientation of the text.
Columns Splits your text into columns on the page.
Envelopes Inserts an envelope with a return and delivery address.
Labels Inserts many return/delivery address.
Undo/Redo Allows you to take away/add something you just added/took away.
Single Spacing Adds single spaces throughout your text.
Underline Underlines text.
Word Wrap Wraps text around an image.
Increase Font Increases the size of the text.
Decrease Font Decreases the size of the text.
Font Size Allows you to change the size of the text.
Highlight Highlights text in a selected color.
Strikethrough Strikes through text.
Numbering Makes a number list.
Left Alignment Aligns text to the left side.
Right Alignment Aligns text to the right side.
Page Borders Adds a border around the page.
Table/Rows/Columns Inserts a table that allows you to put text in it.
Page Break Breaks page in two.
Charts Inserts a chart that allows you to put information in it.
Page Numbers Numbers the amount of pages you have.
Symbols Inserts symbols onto the page.
Landscape Puts your page orientation into horizontal..
Watermark Puts lightly colored text behind the text.
Spelling/Grammar Check Checks your spelling and grammar.
Zoom Zooms in or out of the page.
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