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Word Unit Test Vocab

Apps for Academics - Review Sheet Vocab for Word 2016 Unit Test

Word Processing A software used to create, edit, and print text documents. It also has features that make it easy to add graphics to the text. The current software that we are using is Microsoft Office Word 2016.
Default (font and font size) Preset or programmed setting. This is automatic unless you change it. Default font and font size is Calibri (Body) at 11.
Single Spacing No blank lines are in between your text lines (1.0)
Double Spacing One blank line is in between your text lines (2.0)
Save A command used to save any changes to your document
Save As A command used to rename a document at the same time as moving it to a new location
Underline Inserts a line underneath your text
Italicize Slants your text
Cut Removes data from one area, stores it in the clipboard, ready to be placed to a different location
Copy Duplicates date from one area, stores it in the clipboard, ready to be placed to a different location
Paste Places copied or cut text or graphics to a different location
Word Wrap In a text document, this feature automatically moves to the text line when text hits the right margin. The only time you strike the enter key is when you are inserting a blank line or beginning a new paragraph.
New Word command allowing you to create a blank document
Open Word command allowing you to retrieve a document previously saved
Increase Font Makes your text a bit bigger
Print/Print Preview Word command allowing you to produce copies of documents on paper
Close Word command used to exit a document but not exit out of Word
Decrease Font Makes your text a bit smaller
Clipboard A tool used to keep text that was recently cut or copied so it can be pasted or put in another spot in the document
Font Type style of text
Font Size Size of text
Font Color Color of Text
Change case Change the selected text to uppercase, lowercase, or other common capitalizations
Highlight Makes your text pop by highlighting it in a bright color
Superscript Type very small letters just above the line of text
Subscript Type very small letters just below the line of text
Strikethrough Crosses something out by drawing a line through it
Bold Make your text darker
Bullets A symbol used to separate a list
Numbering Automatically starts a numbered list
Sort (Ascending and Descending) Arranges the selected text in alphabetical or numerical order (Ascending: A-Z, 1-10, or Descending: Z-A, 10-1)
Show/Hide Shows paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols such as spaces and tabs
Left Alignment Align your content with the left margin
Center Alignment Align your content with the middle of the document
Justified Align your content to both the left and right margins
Right Alignment Align your content with the right margin
Shading Changes the color behind the selected text, paragraph, or table cell
Borders Adds lines around text or pictures
Page Borders Adds lines around the entire page
Find Locates specified text in a document
Replace Replaces specified text in a document
Select Highlights certain text for formatting changes
Table A grid of rows and columns that organizes information so it is easy to find and understand
Rows (Table) Information that is arranged horizontally on a table, or left to right
Columns (Table) Information that is arranged vertically on a table, or up and down
Cover Page Inserts a fully formatted cover page
Blank Page Inserts a blank page anywhere in your document
Page Break Ends the current page and inserts a new page
Online Pictures Finds and inserts pictures from a variety of online sources
Word Art Inserts decorative text into your document
Shapes Inserts ready-made shapes, such as circles, squares, and arrows
SmartArt Insert a SmartArt graphic to "visually" communicate information
Charts Insert a chart to illustrate and compare data
Hyperlink Inserts a link into your document for quick access to webpages and files
Header Inserts information at the top of the document
Footer Inserts information at the bottom of the document
Page Numbers Inserts page numbers into a document
Text Box Inserts text boxes into a document, boxes that can be typed in and moved around the document like a picture
Page Orientation Switches between portrait layout and landscape layout
Symbols Inserts symbols that are not on your keyboard
Margins Amount of space at the top, bottom, right, and left of your document. Default setting is 1 inch on all sides
Columns Splits text and documents into two or more columns, like in a newspaper article
Landscape A horizontal layout, left to right
Portrait A vertical layout, up and down
Envelopes Creates and prints envelopes, used to carry and mail letters
Watermark Inserts "ghosted" text behind the content of the page to show that the document requires special treatment
Page Color Chooses a color for the background of the page
Labels Creates and prints labels, addresses or text that can be attached to something on sticky paper
Spelling/Grammar Check Checks the spelling and grammar of the text in a document
Thesaurus Suggests other words with a similar meaning to the word you have selected
Undo Undoes the last action does to the document
Redo Redoes the action that was last undone
Zoom Opens the zoom dialog box to specify the zoom level of the document, used to go close up or farther away from the document
Created by: 23Sarion