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Review Tech

study before anything else

Spacing (double/ single) how wide the text is sperad
alignment to put text on the left, right, middle, or to justify it
sort (ascending/ descending) how the bullets are set
font how the text is showed
hyperlink text forming a link to a website
super/subscript tiny letters or numbers above/ below text
font color the color of a certain font
save (as) how you save a certain thing (as): to save and relocate
online pics pictures you get online (BING)
cut/copy/paste tools used to move text (Ctrl + C/ V/ X)
Numbering/ bullets ways to form a list
bold make text darker
italicize slant text
underline puts line under text
strikethrough line through text
borders makes a box around text
shading makes background of area selected a certain color of choice
shapes and Smart art puts a shape or a random art pic in your doc
open/ close opens or closes a certain document
select picks some text
clipboard after you cut, the text saves here
page color changes the page's background color
landscape horizontal page
new creates a new document
increase/ decrease font changes font size
show/ hide shows spaces, and paragraph marks
cover page creates a cover for the document
print/ print review shows how your page is set up for printing
find/ replace finds a word for you to replace
change case changes what case you want (lowercase, UPPERCASE, tOGGLE cASE, Title Case)
word wrap puts picture in between words, separating them
tables/ rows/ columns used for making charts
DEFAULT (font/ font size) Calibri Body 11
headers/ footers headers go on the top while footers go on the bottom. used for page numbers.
undo/ redo undoes or redoes the action given
thesaurus a item used to find BETTER words
page color changes the page background
labels used for mailing. a sticky sheet of paper that goes on a box
portrrait v page e r t i c a l
word processing a way used for editing documents
page break ends where the page is at, manually made
highlight selects and makes text a certain color
text box inserts a bordered text into documnt
margins 1'' default
zoom enhances and enlarges page
watermark inserts ghosted text into document
symbols inserts a object signifying importance
charts information placed on a doc
spellcheck checks spelling + grammer
blank page inserts a page to doc
Created by: berridge23