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Contras + Cautions

Ma Huang Raises BP
Xi Xin Caution: renal problems
Xiang Ru vomiting if taken hot
Sheng Ma Don't use with breathing difficulties/ upper excess & lower def, or fully erupted measles
Jue Ming Zi diarrhea & hypotension
Sheng Di Pregnancy with Blood Def
Zi Cao Measles
Jin Yin Hua Qi Def Sores, Yin Ulcers
Tu Fu Ling Don't take with tea
Qing Hao Blood Def in Post partum
Mu Tong Overdose leads to Renal Failure
Mu Gua Overuse will damage teeth and bones
Ban Xia All bleeding due to Yin def
Bai Qian Cough from Kidney not grasping the Qi
Bai Jie Zi Do not use on sensitve skin
Jie Geng Hemoptysis
Xing Ren Caution: Infants and Diarrhea
Shan Zha Acid Regurg
Chen Pi Dry Cough from Qi or Yin Def, hot phlegm dry heat cough, blood spitting
Fu Zi False cold, True Heat
Ren Shen Hypertension (systolic over 180mm/hg)
Da Zao Excess damp, food stag, parasites, damp phlegm disorders
Wu Wei Zi May Cause Heart Burn
Lu Rong Increase dose slowly
Yuan Zhi Caution: Ulcers & Gastritis
Bing Lang Caution: MJ Qi Collapse
Da Huang Enters Milk
Drain Damp herbs contra in preg Mu Tong, Qu Mai, Che Qian Zi
Mover Blood herbs contra in preg Yan Hu Suo, Yi Mu Cao, Tao Ren, Hong Hua, Re Xiang, Mo Yao, E Zhu, San Leng, Huai Niu Xi, Chuan Ni Xi, Wang Bu Liu Xing Chuan Shan Zha, San Qi (Stop Bleeding), Mu Dan Pi (Cool Blood)
Warm Interior herbs contra in preg Fu Zi, Chuan Wu, Cao Wu
Purgatives herbs contra in preg Mang Xiao, Lu Hui, Cao Wu
Yin Tonics herbs contra in preg Gui Ban, Bie Jie
Clear toxic Heat herbs contra in preg She Gan
Clear Heat, Purge Fire herbs contra in preg Tian Hua Fen
Dissolve Cold Phlegm herbs contra in preg Tian Nan Xing
Open Orifice herbs contra in preg Niu Huang
Drain Damp Herbs Caution in Preg Hua Shi, Yi Yi Ren, Dong Kui Zi
Move Blood Caution in Preg Yu Jin, Ze Lan, Pu Huang (stop bleeding), Gui Zhi (disperse w-cold)
Warm Interior Caution in Preg Gan Jiang, Rou Gi, Chuan Jiao
Purgatives Caution in Preg Da Huang
Disperse Wind Heat Caution in Preg Chan Tui, Mu Zei
Move Qi Herb Caution in Preg Hou Po
Digestive Herb Caution in Preg Shen Qu
Move Qi Herb Caution in Preg Zhi Shi, Bai Ji Li
Astringents Caution in Preg Chi Shi Zhi
Clear Blood Heat Caution in Preg Shui Niu Jiao
Extinguish liver wind herbs Caution in Preg Dai Zhe Shi
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