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The Renaissance

Revision on the Renaissance

What was the Renaissance? The rebirth of learning that started in Italy from 1300's -1600's
Why Italy? -wealthy cities provided" patrons of the arts" -Fall of Constantinople -Ruins of ancient Rome
What are the differences between Medieval and Renaissance art? -Important themes other than religion -Movement and emotions more important -Realism -Perspective -Sfumato -Architecture more Romanesque
Patrons of Art - Lorenzo De Medici -Leo X -Julius II
Who was Johannes Gutenberg? Inventor of the printing press
Why was the invention of the printing press important? -Made books cheaper to print and more widely available -Literacy and education spread -Spread ideas of Renaissance and Reformation
Leonardo Da Vinci -Renaissance man -Apprenticed to Verrochio -Sfumato -The Last Supper, the Mona Lisa -Dissected over 30 bodies -Mirror writing -Designed planes,cannons,parachutes and tanks -Died in France
Michelangelo -Renaissance artist -Platonic Academy -The Pieta, David,St, Peters dome, Sistine Chapel (Julius II)
Galileo -Father of Modern Science -Invented pendulum clock and a more powerful telescope -All solid objects fall at the same speed -Proved Copernicus was right with saying the Earth moved around the sun (Had to say he was wrong infront of the inquisition)
Shakesphere -Renaissance writer -Stratford on Avon -Married Anne Hathaway -Moved to London without family -Globe Theatre -35 plays -sonnets -Comedies,tragedies and histories
Created by: lkelly15