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PowerPoint Unit 1

Study Concept check questions

Click this tab to display tabs and buttons for working with presentations FILE tab
This toolbar contains buttons for commonly used commands Quick Access
This area contains the tabs and commands divided into groups Ribbon
This is the keyboard shortcut to close a presentation Ctrl + F4
Display design theme templates in this backstage area New
Insert a new slide by clicking the New Slide button in this group on the HOME tab Slides
Change to this view to view displays of all slides in the presentation in slide thumbnails Slide Sorter
This is the default view and displays two panes Normal
Click this button on the VIEW tab to display the outline pane Outline View
The Previous Slide and Next Slide buttons display in this location Bottom of the vertical scroll bar
To run a presentation beginning with Slide 1, click this button on the Quick Access toolbar Start From Beginning
Apply a theme to a presentation by clicking this tab and then clicking the desired theme in the Themes group DESIGN
To add a transition, click a transition thumbnail in the Transition to This Slide group on this tab TRANSITIONS
When you apply a transition to slides in a presentation, these display below the slide numbers in the slide thumbnails pane Animation icons
To advance slides automatically, remove the check mark from the On Mouse Click check box, insert a check mark in this check box, and then insert the desired number of seconds After
The Text Box button is located in the Text group on this tab INSERT
Use the sizing handles or these measurement boxes to change the size of a text box Shape Height and Shape Width
This is the keyboard shortcut to select all objects in a slide Ctrl + A
A text box, by default, contains tabs with this alignment left
The Illustrations group on this tab contains a shapes button INSERT
When dragging a shape to change the size, hold down this key to maintain the proportions of the shape Shift
Copy a shape by holding down this key while dragging the shape to the desired location Ctrl
Turn drawing guides on and off with options in this dialog box Grid and Guides
The Group button is located in this group on the DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab Arrange
Click the Online Pictures button and this window displays Insert Pictures Numbered
Use this button in the Size group on the PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT tab to remove any unnecessary parts of an image Crop
With the Bring Forward button and this button in the Arrange group on the DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab or the PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT tab you can layer one object on top of another Send Backward
To capture a portion of a screen, click the Screenshot button in the Images group on the INSERT tab and then click this option at the drop-down list Screen Clipping
Use this feature to distort or modify text to conform to a variety of shapes WordArt
The Symbol button is located in the Symbols group on this tab INSERT
Click this hyperlink at the Print backstage area to display the Header and Footer dialog box Edit Header & Footer
The Font button drop-down gallery is an example of this feature, which allows you to see how formatting will affect your text before you actually apply it live preview
Click this button to clear character formatting from selected text Clear All Formatting
Click this to display the Font dialog box Font group dialog box launcher
Select text in a slide and this displays above the selected text Mini toolbar
The Format Painter button is located in this group on the HOME tab Clipboard
Press this key to move text to the next tab stop (level) Tab
Use options at this dialog box to change text alignment, indentation, and spacing Paragraph
Click this button in the Paragraph group and a drop-down list displays with options for rotating and stacking text Text Direction
Use the Align Text button or options at this task pane with the Size & Properties icon selected to vertically align text in a slide Format Shape
Customize numbering with options at the Bullets and Numbering dialog box with this tab selected Numbered
The Quick Styles button is located in this group on the HOME tab Drawing
Click this button to apply an outline to a placeholder Shape Outline
Change slide orientation with options in this dialog box Slide Size
Click this button in the Customize group on the DESIGN tab to display the Format Background task pane Format Background
Create custom theme colors with options at this dialog box Create New Theme Colors
Save a custom theme at this dialog box Save Current Theme
The Spelling button is located in the Proofing group on this tab REVIEW
This is the keyboard shortcut to select all text in a placeholder Ctrl + A
The Find button is located in this group on the HOME tab Editing
To copy text to a new location in the slide thumbnails pane, hold down this key while dragging text Ctrl
The border of a selected placeholder displays these handles as well as a white rotation handle sizing
You can reorganize slides in a presentation in the slide thumbnails pane or in this view Slide Sorter
You can copy selected slides in a presentation using this option from the New Slide button drop-down list Duplicate Selected Slides
To select adjacent slides, click the first slide, hold down this key, and then click the last slide Shift
Click the New Slide button arrow and then click the Reuse Slides option at the drop-down list to display this Reuse Slides task pane
Divide a presentation into these to easily navigate and edit slides in a presentation sections
Display the Quick Access toolbar below the ribbon by clicking this button located at the right side of the toolbar and then clicking the Show Below the Ribbon option at the drop-down list Customize Quick Access Toolbar
This is the keyboard shortcut to display the PowerPoint Help window F1
Created by: shmaguy