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Pt Theory Quiz 3

Pt Theory Quiz 3 - Dustin Slade

ST1 Actions entry point; dispels wind, mostly related to internal and external wind affecting eye (tearing, twitching)
ST1 TX any eye problem, especially due to internal or external wind
ST2 Actions dispels wind, mostly related to internal and external wind affecting eye
ST2 TX any eye problem; facial paralysis
ST3 Actions dispels wind related to eye face and nose
ST3 TX facial paralysis; nosebleed; upper toothache
ST4 Actions Needle 1 to 1.5 inches oblique towards ST 6; dispels wind, mostly external; benefit tendons and muscles of face
ST4 TX facial paralysis, deviation of mouth (reduce tense side, tonify weak side); excessive salivation
ST5 TX lower toothache; facial paralysis; deviated mouth
ST6 Actions dispels exterior wind
ST6 TX facial paralysis; masseter muscle spasms; lower toothache; jaw problems; TMJ
ST7 Actions Dispels wind
ST7 TX facial paralysis; ear problems; jaw problems; TMJ; lockjaw
ST8 Actions dispels internal and external wind; stops pain; dispels dizziness
ST8 TX dizziness due to damp obstructing clear Yang from rising to head; migraines
ST9 Actions avoid artery; Window to the Sky Point; benefits throat; sends Qi down from head
ST10 Actions reduces local swelling; local point
ST10 TX whiplash
ST11 TX sore throat; pain and rigidity in neck
ST12 Actions Subdues rebellious Qi; calms mind
ST12 TX stomach Qi rebelling up causing breathlessness and asthma; pain in supraclavicular fossa (local point)
ST15 TX Mastitis; deficient lactation
ST16 TX Mastitis; deficient lactation
ST18 Great Lou of Stomach
ST19 TX effective treatment for gall stones
ST20 Actions transforms and dispels damp in intestines
ST21 Actions regulates stomach; subdues rebellious stomach Qi; promotes function of stomach
ST21 TX nausea and vomit; gastric or duodenal ulcers
ST25 = Tianshu front Mu point for Large Intestine
ST25 Actions regulates intestines; harmonizes stomach; great for constipation and diarrhea; relieves food stasis
ST25 TX dysentery; diarrhea and pain; constipation; acute stomach problems; spleen yang deficiency; chronic diarrhea
ST26 Actions transforms and dispels damp in intestines
ST27 Actions clearns damp head in urogential area (lower Jiao); moves Qi and blood in uterus and stops pain
ST27 TX seminal emission; premature ejaculation; menses problems; endometriosis
ST28 Actions oneo fhte main points to regulate water metabolism; clears damp head in lower jiao; promotes urination; opens water passages; regulates menses
ST28 TX all hernias; edema
ST29 Actions one of the main points for male and female genital problems; moves blood stasis and Qi stasis, especially lower abdomen; affects (regulates) uterus; regulates menses
ST29 TX regulates sex drive; infertility; impotence
ST30 Actions regulates stomach; promotes spleen/stomach function; regulates Chong channel; regulates blood; disperses Qi and blood stasis, especially lower abdomen and genitals; affects (regulates) urogential system; promotes kidney essence
ST30 TX abdominal pain; abdominal masses; hernia; penis problems; impotence
ST31 TX all leg problems; weakness; stiffness atrophy and paralysis
ST32 TX all leg problems; weakness, stiffness, atrophy and paralysis
ST33 TX numbness, soreness and motor impairment of leg and knee
ST34 Actions Xi Cleft point! Only command point above knees and elbows; harmonizes stomach; treats excess stomach problems; dispels damp and wind; inhibits intestinal peristalsis; treats diarrhea
ST34 T acute stomach pain; knee problems especially due to wind damp cold
ST34 Actions opens channel; relieves knee swelling; stops pain
ST36 = Zusanli = is which point on the Five Elements Lower He Sea point; Earth point; horary point; point of the Sea of Nourishment
ST36 Actions treats all digestive problems; strengthens Wei Qi; regulates and benefits Spleen and Stomach; promotes spleen in function of blood production and water metabolism; major point to tonify blood and Qi
ST36 Actions (cont’d) dispels cold, esp. stomach and abdomen; regulates intestines; dispels damp ; raise Yang Qi; benefits kidney; promotes fertility; calms spirit; increases stamina; promotes longevity
ST36 TX tonifies spleen and stomach; poor (deficient) appetite; edema; digestive problems; intestinal problems
ST37 Actions Lower He Sea point of Large Intestine; regulates stomach and intestines; dispels accumulations and food stagnation of LI
ST37 TX intestinal problems, especially chronic diarrhea and damp heat in LI; tonifies blood
ST38 TX shouder pain and stiffness (opposite side)
ST39 Actions lower He Sea point of the Small Intestine; Sea of Blood point; regulates stomach and intestines; clears damp heat in small intestine
ST39 TX cloudy dark urine due to damp heat in small intestine; tonifies blood
ST40 = Fenglong = Actions Lou Connecting Point of the Stomach; one of the main points to dispel damp and phlegm (any type, any location); calms spirit; strengthens spleen; harmonizes stomach; opens chest
ST40 TX lumps and phlegm nodules; mental disturbance (phlegm misting the mind); vertigo; dizziness; foggy head
ST41 is which element on the Five Elements chart Jing River point; Fire point; tonification point
ST41 Actions clears heat in the stomach
ST41 TX wind damp cold Bi Syndrome of the foot; ankle problems; ptosis (drooping of eyelid) with Moxa; eyelid growths like Sties (Moxa)
ST42 Actions Source Point; Exit point; tonifies spleen and stomach
ST42 TX spleen/stomach deficiency; Bi Syndrome
ST43 is which element on the Five Elements Chart Shu Stream point; Wood point
ST 43 TX Bi Syndrome due to wind and heat (local point)
ST44 is which element on the Five Elements Chart Ying Spring point; Water point
ST44 Actions opens channel/stops pain along stomach channel, especially lower jaw tooth problems; relieves stagnation and obstruction from intestines; promotes bowel movement; dispels wind in face
ST44 TX heat in stomach channel with bleeding gums; facial paralysis; deviation of mouth; epistaxis (nose bleeds); damp phlegm obstruction to upper sinus pain with headache
ST45 is which element on the Five Elements chart Jing Well point; Metal point; sedation point
ST45 TX any head in the body; wind; deviation of the mouth; nosebleeds
Created by: LeslieC