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Meeting the Family 2

Tingkat Level
Dapur Kitchen
Gayung Plastic bailor/container/scoop
Bilik Room
Tamu Guest
Bilik mandi Bath / shower room
Sendiri By myself/herself/himself/themselves
Dunia Earth / World
Tunjukkan Show (intentionally)
Pinjam Borrow
Terlupa Forget accidentally Lupa = forget
Gemar Like doing something (activities)
Suka Like
Buatlah Do / Make
Siapkan Get ready (intentionally)
Meninggal dunia
Di sebelah/nya Next to/beside
yang depan itu The one that is in front
Belakang Behind
Bawah Below
Atas Above
Depan In front
Kosong Vacant / Don't have
Malu Shy / Embarassed
Banyak Alot
Risau (informal); Bimbang (more formal) Worry
Paling besar Biggest
Kalau suka If you like
mari ikut saya Please follow me
beberapa hari A few days
Jangan risau Don't worry
seperti Such as (similar - macam & agak-agak)
di luar negeri Outside the country / overseas
berlain dengan Different from
yang lain The other one
buatlah seperti rumah sendiri Make yourself at home
Jangan malu-malu Don't stand on ceremony / don't be shy
Tak payah susah-susah Don't trouble yourself
Created by: Bennnn