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PSY 150 Ch 2


biological psychology specialized branch of psychology
Reuptake The process by which neurotrasmitter molecules detach from a postsynaptic neuron and are reabsorbed by a presynaptic neuron so they can be recycled and used again.
synapse The point of communication between two neurons' ont actually a connection, but a microscopic gap or cleft.
corticalization The increased size and wrinkling of the human cerebral cortex
Hindbrain Mr. MCCoy referred to this part of the brain as the reptillian
Parietal lobe Where both the primary motor cortex and the somatosensory cortex ae located
Thalamus Greek for "inner chamber" this limbic structure relays incoming sensory information (with exception of smell) to the cerebral cortex
Action potential Brief electrical impulse by which information is transmitted along the axon of a neuron; the firing of a neuron
All-or-none principle The law states that neurons are either stimulated enough to fire an action potential or not.
Lobes of the brain 4: Frontal, occipital, Temporal and parietal
Resting Potential Before a neuron fires it has a harge of about -70mvs
Motor These neurons 9also known as efferent neurons) communicate information to the mscles and glands of the body
Inhibitory message decresases teh likelihood that the postsynaptic neuron will activate and generate an action potential (fire a message)
Neurotransmitters The molecules found inside the terminal buttons of brain cells.
Autonomic This parat of the peripheral ervous sysstem is "self govening" or automatiac; it regulates involuntary functions such as heartbeat and blood pressure
EEG This brain scanning device measures the overall cortical activity of the brain and gives a rough printout of squiggly lines
Cerrebellum We share this brain area, lcated in the hindbrain and sometimes referred o as the little brain or old brain with fish, frogs, and even birds
Hippocapus Hippocampus Damage to this limbic system sturcture might affect the creation of new long term memories
Left Hemisphere RogerSperry's split brain research poinmted out that for most people speech resides alm almost exclusively.
topdown Sum Total of a person's experiences and the effect they have on that persons perception in any situation
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