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Bio DNA mutation

what is mutation change in DNA
What is a mutagen anything that causes mutation
are most mutations good, bad or neutral neutral
what are some causes of mutations chemicals, radiation, drugs, and alchohal
will a mutation in a somatic cell, will that mutation be passed on to your offspring No you imbecile
what is the point in mutation change in a single point
what is a substitution mutation swapping one letter for another
how many amino acids are affected by substitution one amino acid
if a mutation occurs in a gamete will that mutation be passed on to your offspring Yupppers :(
What is a deletion mutation the deletion of a mutation
how many amino acids are affected by a deletion all after a point
what is an insertion mutation adding a letter
how many amino acids are affected by an insertion all after that point
what is a frame shift a insertion or deletion
are frameshift mutations more or less dangerous than substitutions Far more dangerous
what is a silent mutation substitution of a letter
how many amino acids are changed in a silent mutation none
what is a missense mutation one acid changed to another amino acid
does the protein produced from a missense mutation function the same as the original No
in a nonsense mutation the codon for a normal amino acid is changed into a codon for what a stop codon
what is a genetic disorder a change in the DNA
what were the three genetic disorders we discussed in class hemophilia, tay-sachs, and Huntington's disease
what is a chromosomal disorder a disorder caused by a chromosomal abnormality
what are the three chromosomal disorders we discussed in class tuner syndrome, down syndrome, and klien felters syndrome
what is a kayotype a chromosome chart
how many chromosomes do humans have normally 46
what is trisomy when an extra chromosome gets added to a pair of chromosomes
how many chromosomes does a person with trisomy have 47 instead of 46
what is an example of a disorder that is trisomy down syndrome or klienfelter syndrome
what is monosomy when a chromosome is missing from a pair
what is an example of a disorder that is monosomy turnersyndrome
how mony chromosomes does a person with monosomy have 45
what is it called when the chromosomes don't separate properly during meiosis nondisjunction
what is that gratest risk factor for having a child that is trisomy or monosomy age
what is genetic engineering purposely changing DNA
What is Cloning the copying of DNA
What was the first cloned mammal dolly the sheep
why did the first cloned mammal die younger than expected cause the sheep that the DNA was originally taken from was 6 years old
what is an example of a natural clone Identical twins
Explain how recombinant DNA works the taking of one organisms DNA and putting it into another organisms DNA
what medication do we produce from recombinant DNA Insulin
what is selective breeding breeding based on traits
what is an example of how we have used selective breeding food
what is hybridization combining 2 species
what is an example of hybridization the liger, mule, or even the grapple
how much of the food that is in grocery store is genetically modified 70-75%
the project that mapped out all the genes of a human was called what the human genome project
give three findings that this project taught us about human genes we have fewer genes than estimated, 99.9% of all human DNA is identical to each other, and that our DNA is very similar to many other species
when was this project completed in 2003
What does GMO stand for genetically modified organisms
what are the main ethical issues involved with genetic research safety and human rights
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