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Flavin 21 wk 2

Flavin wk 2 Study Guide CPX 2021

When cells with similar structure and function are placed together, they form ____. tissues
An _____is composed of two or more types of tissue bound together to form a more complex structure for a common purpose or function. organ
All major organs and body systems are checked during a _____ physical examination.
The medical assistant should make sure the health record is complete and that any needed ________ _______ have been signed; document current medications and allergies; identify any medications that need refills. consent forms
Check the area at the beginning of each day and between patients to make sure it is completely stocked with equipment and supplies and that all equipment is functioning properly and _______. disinfected
An ______is used to examine the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane. otoscope
Disposable examination gloves protect the _____worker and the patient from microorganisms. healthcare
________is the passive movement of a joint to determine the range of extension or flexion of a part of the body. Manipulation
_________is the key to creating a caring, therapeutic environment. Empathy
______-ended questions are those like “What brings you to the doctor?” or “How have you been getting along?” These questions need more explanation. Open
_______checks your interpretation of the patient’s message for validation. Restatement
______the child during the examination helps reduce anxiety and boosts self-esteem. Praising
________findings, or symptoms, are perceptible only to the patient; they are what the patient feels and can be interpreted only by the patient. Subjective
In medical terminology, _______is the abbreviation meaning immediately. STAT
The _____ is a form of documentation that introduces a logical sequence to recording the information obtained from the patient. problem-oriented medical record
_____systems are used in virtually every ambulatory care setting to collect and maintain patient information and to link healthcare information across healthcare facilities. EHR
Another way to say the patients designated Dr. is ______ Primary Care Provider
Holds tongue down during throat examination Tongue depressor
For inspection of inner eye structures Ophthalmoscope
Listening device when body parts are auscultated Stethoscope
____ means to listen. auscultated
A _____ is used to test neurologic reflexes Reflex hammer
Positions used for patients that have SOB Fowler’s position Semi-Fowler’s position
When reaching for object: Always bend at the knees
When obtaining an EKG the pt is in the ____ position. Supine (horizontal recumbent) position
The pt should be in the ______ for a PAP smear. Lithotomy position
The patient is laying on their stomach. Prone
Percussion is _____ tapping
_______ pupils equal round reactive light accommodation. PERRLA
Nose and sinus mucous_____ in color could indicate poss. infection. yellow or green
A______examination requires gloves and lubricating jelly. rectal
The visual acuity exam is administered at ____ feet. 20
ac before meals
CXR chest x-ray
Rx prescription
-algia pain
hyster/o uterus
Created by: Iteach4Docs



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