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CTS Choctaw

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WEDDING DANCE Bride, groom, and non-relatives
WALAKSHI Better known as Water Bread
CHOCTAW STUDENTS IN CLASS Prefer group work over individual work
EYE CONTACT A sign of disrespect
CHOCTAW ALPHABET Letters not used in the modern alphabet are D, G, J, Q, R, U, V, X, Z
BANAHAH Meal prepared with peas, corn meal, corn husks
STICKBALL STICKS "The kabocca are carved from hickory and bent at one end to shape the cup of the stick"
CHOCTAW BASKETS "Choctaw basket makers have created works of art from the swamp cane"
SHOKKA ANNOPA Pig talk; Coloring resource booklets
TEEPEES "The Choctaw word for their traditional style home is "chukka." It was a mud and reed cabin or wigwam with a thatched roof. It was shaped like a beehive with a high dome and a hole in the center to let in light and let out smoke."
CHOCTAW DANCES "...war dances, social dances, and animal dances that recognize creatures that were important to the Choctaw people."
CHOCTAW FOOD Banaha, hominy, fried biscuit
MORE CHOCTAW FOOD Walakshi, fried rabbit, molasses cookies
WALK DANCE "...traditionally marked the end of an evening of dancing"
CHAKI Stickball uses one in each hand
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