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First spanish 3

Cual Which
Demasiado Too much, too many
Todavía Still
Podría, podrías, podríamos, podrían Could (hypothetically
Quisiera Would like
Mismo The same
Cualquer/cualquiera Any, whichever
No importa It doesnt matter
Junto/juntos Together
Poco, un poco A little, a little bit
Dentro/adentro Inside
Afuera Outside
Encima On top of
Bajo, Debajo Under, underneath
Arriba Up
Abajo Below, down
Dar To give
Doy I give
Das You give
Por By, because of, through
Ya Now, already
Delante In front
Adelante Forward
Derecha Right
Izquierda Left
Manera Way
Lado Side
Hasta Until
Por fín Finally
Así Like this, like that, this way, that way
Tan So
Como Like, as
De Of, from
Mañana Tomorrow/morning
Jugar To play
Bailar To dance
Llevar To carry, to bring
Dormir To sleep
Tomar To take, to drink
Correr To run
Vivir To live
Pensar To think
Creer To believe
Sentir, sentirse To feel
Oír To hear
Escuchar To listen
Conocer To be familiar with, to be acquainted with, to meet
Explicar Explain
Estudiar To study
Atrás Behind, in the back
Mirar To look, to glance
Doler To hurt
Oler Tu smell
Tocar To touch, to play an instrument
Sacar To take out of something
Quitar To take away
Meter To put in, insert
Chingar To fuck, to fuck up
Caminar To walk
Volar To fly
Matar To kill
Costar To cost
Caer, caerse To fall
Parar To stop, to stand up
Sentar, sentarse To sit
Levantar To lift
Guardar To keep
Dejar To let, to leave something behind
Probar To try out, to taste
Tratar To try
Intentar To try (2)
Encontrar To find
Limpiar To clean
Lastimar To hurt (like to hurt someone)
Dañar To damage
Fumar To smoke
Quemar To burn
Llamar To call
Esperar To wait, to hope
Pegar To hit, to stick to
Bañar, bañarse To bathe
Comprar To buy
Vender To sell
Pagar To pay
Escribir To write
Lavar To wash
Duermo I sleep
Duerme He sleeps
Piensas You think
Oigo I hear
Oyes You hear
Cómo te sientes? How do you feel?
Me duele la cabeza My head hurts
Hueles mal You smell bad
Huelo un gato I smell a cat
Juego I play/this is also a noun which means "game"
Vuela It flies
Cuábto cuesta? How much does it cost?
Caigo I fall
Caes You fall
Te sientas You sit down
Encuentra He finds
Muere He dies
Cierro I close
Pongo I put
Quiero que hables I want you to talk
Quiero que comas I want you to eat
Created by: Eggy



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