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Which word best describes both Tom and Amanda? Aggressive
In Amanda's view, her nagging behavior toward her children is motivated by_________. Love
Why does Amanda pretend that Laura has made the dinner when Jim visits? Amanda wants to make Laura seem appealing as a future wife.
How does Jim feel about his future? Hopeful
What word best describes Tom's feelings toward his sister, Laura? Affectionate
What effect does Jim have on Laura once they are alone? He engages her in a real conversation
After the news about Jim's engagement, Amanda thinks that ___________. Tom was aware of Jim's engagement to Betty.
Amanda's refusal to let Tom call Laura "crippled" is an example of Amanda's _________. Inability to face reality
In The Glass Menagerie, the glass unicorn is a symbol for _________. Laura Wingfield
The overall tone of the play is ________. Despairing
The playwright uses the screens, lighting, and music of the play to create a sense of ________. Unreality
How does the playwright use the narrator in the play? to comment on the events of the play
Why does Amanda make Tom promise not to be a drunkard? She fears Tom will become like his father.
For what reason do the stage directions often call for light to shine on Laura when she is not part of a conversation? To emphasize to viewers that she is central to the action
At the opening of the play, Tom is dressed in a merchant sailor uniform, which foreshadows _______. Tom's abandonment of his family.
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