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Chapter 1 Terms

Web Design

collaborative workspace websites that allow users to communicate with each other using text, audio, video, whiteboard, and shared files without leaving their own desks
commercial website used to promote and sell products or services of a business
consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce business transactions that occur between consumers
content management system (CMS) a software system that provides authoring and administrative tools that enable the management of web content development, including authoring, reviewing, editing, and publishing
content repository a database that stores templates, style sheets, logo graphic, and other frequently used content elements
content writer/editor creates and revises the text that visitors read when they visit a website, and chooses the links, images, video, or other media that enhance their text content
corporate portal provides an entry point for a company's employees and business partners into its private network
database developer must possess the technical skills to plan, create, secure, and maintain databases of varying complexity
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