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Web Design Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Terms to Know

Multimedia producer An individual who designs and produces animation, digital video and audio, 2D and 3D models, and other media elements for webpages.
Multiplexing The transmission of multiple data signals at the same time over the same line.
National ISP Provides Internet access in most major cities and towns nationwide.
Network Computers, printers, and data file storage devices connected together to enable the sharing of computing resources and data.
Network/Security Administrator An individual responsible for ensuring the day-to-day functionality of the network and protecting it from internal and external threats.
Organizational Website A website owned by a noncommercial organization used to promote member accomplishments or encourage support for and participation in the organization.
Personal Portal A version of a general consumer portal that a user can customize for personal preferences.
Personal Website A website owned by an individual and often used to advertise employment credentials, meet new friends, or share a common interest.
Portal A website that offers a starting point for accessing information.
Protocol A technical standard or rule for transmitting data.
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