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Web Design Chapter 1

Vocab words and definitions

Internet A worldwide public network that connects millions of private networks.
Internet Relay Chat Technology that allows people to exchange text messages in real time over the Internet.
Internet service provider A business that has a permanent Internet connection and provides temporary Internet connections to individuals and companies using one or more methods.
Internet2 A major cooperative initiative that includes efforts by academia, industry, and government agencies to increase the Internet's capabilities and solve some of its challenges.
intranet A private network within a large organization or commercial entity that uses Internet and web technologies to share information among only its members, employees, or business partners.
IP address The numeric address for a computer connected to the Internet.
Kpbs Kilobits per second.
keywords A word or phrase entered in a search engine's text box used to locate other webpages.
landing page The page on a website that a visitor sees when they tap or click a link from an ad, search engine result, or social media promotion.
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