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Chapter Two

Where are you going?

Ojibwa English
Aabiish ezhaayin? Where are you going?
Odenaang ndizhaa. I am going to the town.
Aabiish ezhaaying? Where are we (incl.) going?
Zhooshkwaadegamigoong gdzhaamin. We (incl) are going to the arena.
Aabiish maaba ezhaad? Where is this person going?
Namegamingoong maaba zhaa. This person is going to the church.
Aabiish gwondag ezhaawad? Where are these people going?
Aakoziigamigoong gwondag zhaawag. These people are going to the hostpital.
Ndizhaa I am going. (definitive)
Ndizhaamin We (excl.) are going
Gdizhaamin We (incl) are going.
Zhaa He/She is going
Zhaawag They are going
Ngii-zhaa I went
Ngii0haamin We (excl. went
Kii-zhaamin We (incl) went.
Nongo. Today.
Kizheb Morning
Naakwe It is noon.
Schkwaa-naakwe It is afternoon
Naakishi It is night
Shki-naakshi It is evening
Aabto-dibikad It is midnight
Waabang Tomorrow
Waaban naakshig Tomorrow morning
Waaband shkwaa-naakwek Tomorrow afternoon
Waabang aabto-dibikag Tomorrow midnight
Aabiish ezhaayin? Where are you going?
Aabiish ezaayin waabang? Where are you going tomorrow?
Aabiish ezhaayin waabang naakshig? Where are you going tomorrow night?
Giigido-gamigoong ndizhaa. I am going to the hall.
Giigidogamigoong ndizhaa waabang. I am going to the hall tomorrow.
Giigidogamigoong ndizhaa waabang naakshig. I am going to the hall tomorrow night.
Aabiish ogaa-zhaayin? Where did you go ?
Aabiish ogaa-zhaaying? Where did we (incl.) go?
Aabiish ogaa-zhaayig? Where do you (pl) go?
Aabiish ogaa-zhaad? Where did he/she go?
Aabiish ogaa-zhaawad? Where did they go?
Zhebaa This morning.
Nongom Today
Jinaago/bjinaago Yesterday
Jinaago kizheb Yesterday morning
Jinaago shkwaa-naakwek Yesterday afternoon
Wosnaago Day before yesterday
Aabiish ogaa-binjibaayin? Where did you come from?
Aabiish ogaa-binjiibaayin jinaago? Where did you come from yesterday?
Aabiish gaa-binjibaayig? Where did you (pl) come from_
Aabiish gaa-binjibaaying? Where did we (incl) come from?
Aabiish gaa-binjibaad? Where did hi/she come from?
aabiish gaa-binjibaawad? Where did they come from?
Aabiish gaa-binjibaayin zhebaa? Where did you come from this morning?
Odenaang ngii-binjibaa zhebaa. I came from the town this morning.
Aabiish gaa-binjibaayig zhebaa? Where did you (pl.) come from this morning?
Namegamigoong ngii-binjibaamin zhebaa. We (excl.) came from the church this morning.
Aabiiish gaa-binjibaaying zhebaa? Where did we (incl) come from this morning?
Aakoziigamgoong kii-binjibaamin zhebaa. We (incl) came from the hospital this morning.
Aabiish maaba gaa-binjibaad? Where did this person come from?
Chi-gaaming maaba gii-binjibaa. This person came from Over Seas.
Aabiish gaa- binjibaawad? Where id they come from?
Ziibiing gii-binjibaawag. They came from the river.
Aaniish ipii ezhaayin? Where are you going?
Aaniish ipii ezhaayin odenaang? When are you going to the town?
Aaniish ipii ezhaayin zhooshkwaadegamigoong? I am going to the area in the afternoon.
Schkwaanaakwek ndizhaa zhooshkwaadegamigoong. I am going to the arena in the afternoon.
Aaniish ipii eezhaayin kinoomaagegamigoong? When are you (incl) going to the school?
Shkwaa-namegiizhigak gdi-zhaamin kinoomaagegamigoong. We (incl) are going to the shcool on Monday.
Created by: Dokis09