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KSS SM 2 Vocab 8

SM 2 Vocab 8

Fibrocartilage type of cartilage that contain visible collagenous fibers (menisci)
Flexibility the range of motion in a give joint or combination of joints
Fossa cavity or hollow
Fracture a break or crack in a bone
Furuncle A boil; A localized Inflammatory swelling of the skin and underlying tissue, caused by bacterial infection in the hair follicle or skin gland; Characterized by a discharge of pus and a central core of dead tissue
Galled Skin an area of irritated and raw skin caused by sweat and friction; Galled areas are inviting to bacteria and fungi
Ganglion herniation of the synovium surrounding a tendon and subsequent filling of the area with synovial fluid, resulting in a visible bump
Genu recurvatum angulation of leg is posterior, or backward, from midline of the body (hyperextension)
Genu valgum knock knee
Genu varum bowleg
Goniometer apparatus used to measure joint movements and angles
Glycogen storage form of glucose found in both liver and muscles
Hemarthrosis a condition in which blood has filtered from the vessels into a joint
Hemoglobin the red respiratory protein of erythrocytes that transports oxygen from the lungs to the tissues
Hemopoietic forming blood cells
Created by: SK Ath Med
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