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KSS SM 2 Vocab 5

SM 2 Vocab 5

Abscess a localized collection of pus
Adhesions tissues abnormally bound or stuck together as a result of inflammation
Adipose fatty tissue
Amenorrhea absence or suppression of menstruation
Aphiarthroses slightly moveable joints having a pad of either hyaline or fibro cartilage located adjoining bony surfaces
Apnea temporary cessation of breathing
Anesthesia loss of feeling or sensation
Anoxia lack of oxygen
Anti-inflammatory drugs designed to prevent swelling and reduce inflammation
Antipyretic agent that relieves or reduces fever
Anuria absence of or defective excretion of urine
Apophysis bony outgrowth to which muscles attach
Arthroscopy viewing the inside of a joint through an arthroscope using a small video camera lens
Aspiration The drawing of a fluid or foreign matter in, out, up, or through by means of suction
Avascular lack of blood circulation
Created by: SK Ath Med