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Marketing Management

What is advertising? Paid for of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, and services by an identified sponsor.
What is Direct Marketing? Adverting directed at a target group rather than a mass market.
Incentive is________________________ Products earned a given through contests, or as sweepstakes awards.
Product promotion is what type of method? Promotional
Institutional promotion creates what type of image for a company? Favorable
__________ Release is a prewritten story about a company that is sent to the media News
A promotion is any form of______ communication
A promotional mix is__ The combination of different types of promotion
Public relations refers to______ Any activity designed to create goodwill
Special kind of public relations that involves placing positive information about a business, its products or policies in media is Publicity
. _________ Promotion is all marketing activities, other than personal selling, advertising, publicity, that are used to stimulate consumer purchasing and sales effectives. Sales
. personal selling is: Any form of direct contact between a salesperson and a customer.
The total exterior of a business includes the entranceways, display windows, marquee, and the design and setting of the building itself is; Storefront
the visual and artistic aspects of presenting a product or service to a target group of customers to encourage a purchase is display
visual merchandising is: the coordination of ALL the physical elements projected the right image to the customers
Cost per thousand is what The cost of exposing 1,000 readers to an ad
The style of printing type use in print advertisement is: typeface
The distinctive identification symbol or logo for a business is: Signature
catchphrase or small group of words that are combined in a special way to present an advertising message is known as: Slogan
. The photograph or drawing used in a print advertisement is known as illustration
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