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The Raft vocab


anxiety distressbor uneasiness of the mind caused by fear of danger or misforture
applicable applying or cabable of being implied
barbaric without civilization influence
critical inclinded to find fault or to jugde with severity
gnawed to bite or chew on
gritty consdering of, containing, or remebling grit
heaved to rise or lift and throw with effort
hitch to fasten or rise
improsed made or said without previous prepartion
incline to deveate from the vertical or horizantal, slant
lingering to stay one place for longer than usual
obscure not clean or plain
pathetic causing pity
raspy harsh
ratinalize to remove unreasnable elements from ones acts aor opinons
ravnous exremly hungary
regurgitate 1\2 digested food that comes back up
savoring quality in an item that affects the sense of smell and taste
truge to walk in a laborous way
winced to draw back or tense the body
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