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Chinese 4 Midterm

印象 Yìnxiàng; Impression
chéng; To complete; To become
yǎn; To put on (a show, a speech)
liǎ; two
記得 jìdé; remember
號碼 hàomǎ; number
搬出去 bān chūqù; to move out
fèi; a fee, a cost
打掃 dǎsǎo; To wipe, sweep, clean
整理 zhěnglǐ; to tidy up
房子 fángzi; residence
旅遊 lǚyóu; to travel
chǎo; load, argument
lián; even
guǎng; wide, broad
附近 fùjìn; close by, nearby
一套 yī tào, a set
公寓 gōngyù; apartment
臥室 wòshì; bedroom
廚房 chúfáng; kitchen
衛生間 wèishēngjiān; bathroom
家具 jiājù; furniture
乾淨 gānjìng; clean
沙發 shāfā; couch
椅子 yǐzi; chair
書架 shūjià; bookcase
安靜 ānjìng; quiet
yuán; Chinese money
人民幣 rénmínbì; Renminbi )The People's Currency
chà; poor, lacking
押金 yājīn; security deposit
dāng; to work as, to stand as,
另外 lìngwài; another, furthermore
準備 zhǔnbèi; to prepare
養寵物 yǎng chǒngwù; to raise pets
pàng; fat
pà; to fear
簡單 jiǎndān; simple
跑步 pǎobù; to run, jog
難受 nánshòu; hard to take
網球拍 wǎng qiúpāi; tennis racket
籃球 lánqiú; bastketball
游泳 yóuyǒng; swimming
危險 wéixiǎn; dangerous, danger
淹死了 yān sǐle; to drown
願意 yuànyì; to be willing
提高 tígāo; to improve, to raise up
比賽 bǐsài; competition
國際 guójì; international
美式 měishì; American Style
jiǎo; foot
踢足球 tī zúqiú; to play soccer
zhe; "-ing" particle
yā; pressure; to press
bèi; by, been (indicating passive voice
擔心 dānxīn; to worry
很棒 hěn bàng,; awesome!
Created by: HongShiZi