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covington trivia

covington trivia-academics K

Correctly spell long version of the word "camo" camouflage
in 1866, young womens christian association was founded in the city of _____ located in state of _____ boston, massachusetts
the 19th amendment, involving woman suffrage, was ratified august 26th in the year ____ 1920
in 1964, what act outlawed sex discrimination civil rights act
in the year___, a record breaking number of women were elected to congress 1992
in the year 1960, the first birth control pill went on the market. it was called enovid
the case of Roe vs Wade took place in the year 1973. the outcome overturned state laws restricting the right to abortion
during the time of _____ ______ __, millions of women entered the work force for the first time world war 2
what day and year was susan b anthony born feb 15 1820
in 1993, the ____ court rules that sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal supreme
Created by: kdiedrich