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Cov-Doug Misc.

Cov-Doug Miscellaneous

Saturn's moon Titan features vast swaths of ________ covered with row after row of dunes from 300 to 500 feet high. Sand seas
President-In my first year in office I set the all-time record for most days on vacation by any president in U.S. history. George W. Bush
What is your body's largest organ? Skin
What animal has an 8-foot-long tooth emerging from the head, senses changes in water temperature, pressure, and particle gradients? Narwhal whale
What type of light fends of drowsiness? Blue
The part of the brain that regulates reasoning, impulse control, and judgement is still under construction during puberty and doesn't shift into autopilot until about what age? 25
At 68.1 percent, what rank is the U.S. in Internet access among countries? Eighth
What country ranks first with Internet access at 78.1 percent? Malta
Australian scientists discovered a polyrhachis sokolova, which is believed to be the only ______ species that can live under water. Ant
Americans spent almost $32 billion on toys during 2005. About a third of that was spent on what? Video games
A gene for a light-sensitive protein in the ______ is what resets the body's "internal clock". eye
A substance called __________, protects mice from obesity and the effects of aging, and perhaps could do the same for humans. Resveratrol
The U.S. government has paid about 1.5 billion in benefits thousands of sick _______ since 2001. Nuclear weapons workers
Created by: T-Jon