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NM History


John Collier Fed agent who attempted to give Natives in NM more independence.
Dennis Chavez Alb politician in 1930s who brought federal money to NM. Senator and connections in Washington did him good.
Nina Otero- Warren Influential and well- educated advocate for 19th Amendment in NM.
Soledad Chavez de Chacon First acting governor in US who was a woman, governor for 16 days.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Democratic president who oversaw the passage and administration of the New Deal.
Mack Carmichael Lawman who was killed when a mob of unemployed miners protested their evictions.
NIRA Law that allowed workers in US to form unions to negotiate better wages.
Gallup National Miners Union Troubled NM labor union that lost struggle in McKinley county.
Bursum Bill Proposed law that Pueblo lands would go to white settlers.
Hoover Blamed for advent of Great Depression.
Bronson Cutting Politician who died resulting in Democratic opponent.
Taylor Grazing Act Policy to limit environmental damage in 1930s.
Jim Crow Laws Policies that white and black segregated; KKK.
Smoot- Hawley Tariff Attempted to stem loss of American jobs by taxing foreign products resulting in trade war.
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