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Pt Theory Quiz 2

Pt Theory Quiz 2 - Dustin Slade

1. LI1 = Jing Well Point - is which five element point Metal Point, Horary Point
1. Clears exterior heat sore throat/fever
1. Functions/Results Wakens spirit – opens orifices – promotes resuscitation – calms mind – tonifies wei qi via internal duct of San Jiao
1. LI1 TX Toothache – acute conjunctivitis (pink eye) – wind heat
2. LI2 = Ying Spring Point - is which five element point Water Point – also a Sedation Point
2. Clears heat from intestines constipation with dry stools
2. LI2 TX nose bleeds – constipation/dry stools
3. LI3 = Shu Stream Point – is which five element point Wood Point
3. Functions/results Dispels exterior wind and wind heat
3. LI3 TX wind bi (obstruction) syndrome in hand – wind heat – lower jaw toothache
4. LI4 (Hegu), Harmony Valley – source point – entry point – command/assembling point of face and head
4. Functions/results Dispels exterior wind – relieves surface wind cold or wind heat – promotes dispersing of Lung Qi
4. Functions/results clears intestine heat – stimulates bowels – clears damp heat – stops itching - stops pain, especially head and face pain originating from intestines or uterus
LI4 and Liv3 knows as Four Gates Treatment tx calms/clear spirit – dispel interior or exterior wind from the head – stops pain – calms mind
Functions/results Promotes delivery
LI4 TX headache – sore throat – lower toothache & upper toothache – delayed labor – any infection – sinus/nose problems
LI5 = Jing River Point stops pain, especially hand and wrist (local point)
LI6 = Lou Point
Functions/results Regulates upper body water metabolism
LI6 TX pain in thumb, hand or arm – edema especially face and hands
LI7 = Xi Cleft Point stops pain in channel – open LI channel
LI7 TX cold digestive problems – lower toothache – acute large intestine problems
LI8 = upper He Sea point of Small Intestine
LI8 TX abdominal problems – arm pain – arm motor problems
LI9 = upper He Sea point of Large Intestine
LI9 TX shoulder, arm and hand problems – arm motor problems (local point)
LI10 Shousanli =upper He Sea poing of the Stomach
Functions/results Tonifies Yang Ming (Large Intestine – Stomach) - enhances immune system, harmonizes the stomach
LI10 TX abdominal pain – vomit – diarrhea
LI11 Quichi – also which point on the five elements Hea Sea point – Earth point – tonification point
Functions/results dispels exterior wind, especially wind heat – clears any kind of heat – cools blood – dispels damp, especially damp heat, especially skin (herpes) and disgestive – harmonizes stomach – regulates instestines
LI11 TX sore throat – vomit – diarrhea – general itching – urinary problems due to damp heat – any imflammation
LI12 Zhouliao
LI13 TX elbow and arm pain
LI14 Functions/results brightens eyes – dispels phlegm and masses especially throat
LI15 = the meeting of LI and SI Yang Qiao channel point
Functions/results opens channel – benefits sinews – joints and shoulder – stops excessive sweat
LI15 TX major point for shoulder Bi syndrom – motor impairment of the upper extremities
LI16 Functions/results opens channel – moves qi and blood – moves qi and blood in the chest – subdues ascending rebellious Lung Qi – stimulates descending of Lung Qi – cough – asthma
LI17 Functions/results affects (regulate) throat (local point)
LI17 TX sudden loss of voice – sore throat
LI18 – window of the sky point
Functions/results dispels phlegm and masses, especially in the throat
LI18 TX sore throat – hoarseness – loss of voice
LI19 TX nasal obstruction – epistaxis (nose bleeds) – facial paralysis
LI20 Yingxiang – exit point
Functions/results dispels exterior wind cold or wind heat
LI20 TX any nose problems – loss of smell – treats upper tooth pain (local point)
Created by: LeslieC