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A1 - Blink Quiz

CSIM 17-18 Lesson 1 Quiz

Computer Science The science of creating artifacts and solving problems using the help of a computer.
Microcontroller A small computer that has a processor, memory, and programmable inputs and outputs. ex: MicroBit
Algorithmic Thinking The process of solving problems using a series of steps.
Algorithm An ordered set of instructions that are used to carry out a task. EX: a recipe
Flowchart A diagram that represents an algorithm and uses geometric symbols connected by arrows to show the direction of the flow of action.
Conditional Statements A command that performs different actions depending on whether a condition is true or false.
LED Light Emitting Diode - emits light when conducting current.
Iterations Repeating a process to get results closer and closer to the goal. AKA: tries or trials
Bug A flaw in a computer program that causes the program to produce an incorrect result or behavior
Debug To identify bugs or errors in computer hardware or programs and fix them
Code Trace A method to analyze and record information about a program's execution
Drawers Where blocks of code are stored in the MakeCode.org environment
LED Grid coordinates 0, 0 are located here Upper left corner of the LED Grid
test chunks or parts of the program when code tracing to isolate errors in code
comments notes added throughout a program to make it easier to communicate about the program with others and isolate any bugs.
Created by: bphelan