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BM - Directions 1&2

Direction - related words for Bahasa Melayu

terus straight (as in walking straight) or direct
kanan right
kiri left
hadapan in front of (formal)
belakang behind
atas above
bawah below
sebelah beside
antara between/among
seberang opposite
di seberang jalan on the opposite side of the road
seberang jalan walk/cross to the opposite side of the road
sekitar nearby, in the vicinity of
dekat near
sini here
sana there
dari... sampai... from... (here) to... (there)
lalu pass (as in to pass by; a verb)
lepas past (as in to walk past; an adjective)
jalan lepas bank walk past the bank
pergi go
datang come
depan in front of (informal)
sampai reach/arrive (informal)
tiba reach/arrive (formal)
naik/menaiki get on / ascend
turun get off / descend
pandu drive
pemandu driver
tunggu/menunggu wait
jumpa meet
belok (to make a) turn
pusing to turn on the spot
pesawat aeroplane
lapangan terbang airport
kereta api train
bas bus
perhentian bas bus stop
kemalangan accident
alamat address
lorong lane
jalan road/street
jalan raya highway
lampu isyarat traffic light
pejalan kaki pedestrian
bangunan building
persimpangan (street) junction
peta map
bulatan roundabout
terletak located
sesat/tersesat lost (only for directions)
hilang lost (only for people/things)
kesesakan lalu lintas traffic jam
pernuh sesak jam-packed, full of people
hingga sampai until (you) reach
di jalan mana? on which road?
tumpang tanya could you accommodate some time to answer my question (~excuse me)
boleh saya tahu... may i know...
bagaimana nak ke sana? how (do I) get there?
terima kasih banyak-banyak thank you very much
Created by: luokianboon