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Invitations 2

ikut to follow
ketiga one third
bertiga three of us
penyanyi singer
rentak rhythm
harga price
wain wine
persembahan performance
gula sugar
rentak lagu music genre
minuman drink
luar negeri overseas
muzik music
semut ant
teman berbual friend to converse with (lit) someone to be intimate with; one night stand
muda young
sifat characteristics
kemas smartly/ neatly (dressed)
risau worry
harus should
sambil concurrently
perlu need
menyelam dive (selam)
ajak to invite (by 3rd party, not host)
belanja to treat someone
berjenaka to joke (not tease)
bergurau to tease/ joke with someone
berpakaian to get dressed
berkumpul to gather as a group
bayar to pay
kemas to keep tidy
sambil menyelam minum air lit: while diving, drink air fig: multitasking
malam nanti later tonight
ada gula ada semut lit: where there is sugar, there are ants fig: where there are attractive women, there will be men
inilah sifat lelaki! typical of men!
berpakaian kemas to dress smartly
macam-macam (informal) various
berjenis-jenis (formal) various
ya kah? really?
benar true
memang. really.
Created by: little.knacks