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SQL Test

Computer Science 6°

What is a sql command called? Query
A SQL database consists of one or more Tables
What is the command to delete a table in SQL? DROP TABLE Customers;
Each SqlConnection object needs to be _____ and _____ when completing an action. Opened and closed
A SqlConnection object needs a __________ ______ to know which database to access. Connection String
You can find this by right clicking on the ________ and looking in the properties window. Database
What SQL command is used to create data? INSERT INTO
What SQL command is used to retrieve data? SELECT
What SQL command is used to update data? UPDATE
What SQL command is used to destroy data? DELETE
It is important to make your SQL code secure because it is vulnerable to ________. SQL injection attacks
How do you add a new table? CREATE TABLE nameOfTable
What word do you use to specify a select statement? WHERE
What character is the wildcard character in SQL? %
How would you select all the customers whose lastName begins with an A? SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE lastName LIKE ‘a%’;
What two words are used to sort data in a specific way? ORDER BY
What abbreviation is used for ascending order? ASC
What abbreviation is used for descending order? DESC
Each entry in a table is identified by a unique identifier, which is known as a ______. Primary Key
If there is no value in a cell in SQL, the default value is ______. Null
What would the best data type for a column called lastName? nChar, varChar
What would be the best data type for a column called isAvaliable? Bit
Which column corresponds to the integer data type in C#? Integer
Which would be the best datatype for accountBalance? Integer
What is the name of the coding standard for handling the text of most of the world’s writing systems? Unicode
Created by: horvath.zach