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TKMB Ch 28-31

Study Guide

Who jumped out and tried to scare Jem and Scout on the way to the pageant Cecil Jacobs
What type of costume was Scout wearing for the pageant a ham
What was Scout doing that made her miss her cue to go on stage sleeping
Where was the pageant being held school
What was the reaction of the crowd when Scout finally came on stage laughter
What was the landmark that let Scout know they were close to home oak tree
Who carried Jem home Boo
Who represents the mockingbird in these chapters Boo
What body part did Jem break during the attack arm
Who did Atticus think killed Bob Ewell Jem
Bob Ewell attacked Jem and Scout to get ___________ against Atticus revenge
Who said, "Let the dead bury the dead" Heck Tate
What does Boo ask Scout to do with him after he visits Jem walk home
What holiday is the night of the pageant Halloween
Who attacks Scout and Jem on the way home from the pageant Bob Ewell
What does the mockingbird symbolize innocense
What was the weapon that killed Bob Ewell knife
What is Cecil Jacobs costume in the pageant cow
How much money did Scout have to spend at the pageant thirty cents
Why does Scout wear her costume home to hide Scout's embarrassment for getting on the stage late
Why do Jem and Scout wait to be the last ones leaving the pageant to hide Scout's embarrassment for getting on the stage late
What did Scout accidentally leave at the pageant shoes
Why did the kids choose not to go back to school to get Scout's shoes the lights shut off
How did Scout know when they were under the tree the dirt on the ground felt cool under her feet
What is the first thing Scout says to the man that rescued them Hey Boo
What animal does Scout compare to Boo mockingbird
What book of Jem's is Atticus reading The Gray Ghost
Why did Boo Radley decide to go out in public to save the children from being attacked
Who is Atticus and Heck Tate's story about Ewell's death protecting Boo
What do Atticus and Tate agree to say about Bob Ewell's death He accidently fell on his own knife and killed himself
When Scout says putting Boo on trial would be like shooting a mockingbird uses what literary device simile
An example of rising action Atticus being assigned to defend Tom Robinson
An example of rising action Scout, Jem and Dill watching the trial
An example of climax the jury finds Tom Robinson guilty
An example of falling action Scout never sees Boo again
An example of foreshadowing The gifts Boo leaves in the tree is a sign of his good heartedness
An example of foreshadowing Jem kept saying he heard something or someone following them and it was Bob Ewell
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