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KSS SM Vocab 15

SM Vocab 15

SUPERFICIAL WOUND Refers to the surface, as in superficial injuries-those that do not go below the skin; An abrasion
SUPERIOR Towards the top or head, upper
SUPINATION Rotation of the arm away from the middle of the body; turning the palm of the hand upward
SUPINE Horizontal position of the body, lying on the back
SUTURE To stitch the skin or tissue in order to join the edges of a wound
SYNCOPE A faint due to cerebral anoxia (inadequate oxygen to brain)
SYNOVITIS An irritation to the synovial lining of a joint causing pain and discomfort but general no swelling or effusion
SYSTOLIC BP Force with which the blood is pushing against the artery walls when the ventricles are contracting
TACHYCARDIA An excessively fast heartbeat
TENDON A tough cord of band; dense, white, fibrous connective tissue connecting a muscle with some other part (bone), and transmitting the force exerted by the muscle
TENDONITIS Irritation, inflammation, and swelling of a tendon, caused by excessive use
TETANUS An infectious disease marked by painful tonic muscular contractions caused by the lockjaw bacillus; Players should be immunized against tetanus
THERAPY Treatment of an injury or disease
THERMOTHERAPY Treatment by use of heat –includes hot packs, analgesics, ultrasound and diathermy
THORACIC Relating to the thorax; especially the 12 vertebrae
Created by: SK Ath Med